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Welding Equipment We Service & Repair

Kristian Electric Ltd - Welding Equipment We Service & Repair - Calgary Edmonton Saskatoon Welders

After almost sixty years fixing welders and welding equipment for customers across Western Canada, it's hard to talk about welder repair without mentioning us here at Kristian Electric! After all, we've built our company name on the strength and knowledge of our welder service division.

Whether you have an obsolete welder that isn't even showing up on Google, or you're seeking an authorized Miller or Lincoln Electric repair center to handle your warranty claim, we take pride in being one of the first places you can turn to for help. With locations in Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatoon, we're dedicated to keeping welders running smoothly across the Canadian prairies, one service at a time.

With all of our years repairing welding equipment, can you believe that we've never created a comprehensive list covering all the different types of welders, welding accessories, and other welding equipment we can work on for our customers? We can't. So we put our best heads together to create a full list of the welding equipment we can repair and service.

If you're looking for repair, service or maintenance for a specific type of welder or welding equipment, simply check our list below to see if it's included in our service offerings.

If your equipment isn't on the list, don't hesitate to contact us for a quick response to confirm whether we can work on it in our shops!


Welding Equipment We Service & Repair in Calgary, Edmonton & Saskatoon

  • Transformer-based and inverter-based electric welders

  • Power sources

  • Arc welders, Stick (SMAW) welders, MIG (GMAW) welders, TIG (GTAW) Welders, Multiprocess welders

  • Submerged arc (subarc) welders

  • Small resistance/spot welders

  • Gasoline, Diesel, and LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) welder/generators

  • Semi-automatic, integrated, bench, suitcase, advanced process, automatic, robotic, and submerged arc wire feeders

  • Air-cooled, water-cooled, and self-shielded flux cored MIG guns

  • Push pull and spool guns

  • Air-cooled and water-cooled TIG torches

  • Welding helmets

  • Running gears and small tow-behind trailers

  • Welding and control cables

  • Welding remotes

  • Welding positioner remotes

  • Electrode holders

  • Ground clamps

  • Foot pedals

Welding Equipment

Welding Manipulators

  • Weld positioners

  • Benchtop portable welding positioners

  • Vessel rolls

  • Floor turntables

Induction Heating Equipment

  • Miller ProHeat induction heating equipment

  • Miller ProHeat induction heating accessories, including liquid-cooled cables and air-cooled cables

Plasma Cutters & CNC Plasma Equipment

  • Plasma cutting systems from brands including Hypertherm, Miller & more

  • Handheld plasma cutting torches

NOTE: We will be releasing a separate list of plasma equipment we can service and repair soon! If you do not see your equipment on the short list above, please contact us to verify if we can service or repair your particular type of equipment.


If you've confirmed that your welder or welding equipment is on our list, check out our website to learn more about the repair, service and maintenance we offer!


The Kristian Electric welder service departments in Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatoon are ready to help you out with whatever you need. Come into our branches to say hi, grab some stickers and book in your welding equipment today. We'll take care of you.

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