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Miller 2024 Build with Blue Spring Savings Rebate

Kristian Electric Ltd - Miller 2024 Spring Savings Rebate - Calgary Edmonton Saskatoon Welding

Spring has sprung, bringing new savings opportunities through Build with Blue!

Miller's second Build with Blue rebate promotion for 2024 is now underway, running from April 1st through June 30th, 2024. If you're in the market for a new Miller welder, generator, wire feeder, or helmet this quarter, be sure to check out the current promotions to save on your next purchase! The Miller Build with Blue rebate program offers a straightforward way to save money on your new welding equipment.

Through the Spring Savings rebate, you could save up to $800 on select purchases of Miller welding equipment and accessories!


What is the Miller Build with Blue rebate promotion?

For those who might be new to the welding world, Miller offers a quarterly rebate initiative that allows customers to receive cash back after purchasing qualifying items during the promotion period. The Spring Savings rebate for the second quarter of 2024 presents two rebate opportunities:

  1. Purchase an eligible Miller machine, generator, wire feeder or welding helmet during the rebate offer period.

  2. Add Miller accessories or Hobart Filler Metals to your purchase to receive another rebate!

    1. Buy an additional $150 in Miller/Hobart products – get another $50 rebate

    2. Buy an additional $300 in Miller/Hobart products – get another $100 rebate

    3. Buy an additional $500 in Miller/Hobart products – get another $200 rebate

  • Keep in mind that buying more Miller welders and plasma cutters (while we support it!) do not count as accessories and cannot be used to claim the additional purchase rebate.

  • Otherwise, you can purchase any Miller products or Hobart consumables to reach the rebate threshold… as long as it is on the same invoice as your machine or helmet.

To claim your rebates, submit your rebate request (with required documentation) online at the Miller Rebate Center within 30 days of your purchase date.

  • You will need to provide an electronic copy of your receipt or invoice (uploaded as an image file) and input the serial number of the purchased machine. Helmets do not require a serial number.

  • It will take around 6-8 weeks for Miller to process your claim and mail out your cheque.


What's new in the Spring Savings rebate compared to previous promotions?

Get a $500 Rebate on the Miller Bobcat 200 Air Pak Engine-Driven Welder!

This is the first time we've seen this model of Bobcat available for the machine rebate. If you're interested in a new Bobcat 200 Air Pak, now is your chance to save!

Both Digital Infinity Series and Digital Elite Series welding helmets are included!

Usually we see one welding helmet series on promotion, but this rebate offer includes both Digital Infinity and Digital Elite! Get a $75 Rebate when you purchase either of these welding helmets.


What Miller machines and helmets are eligible for the Spring Savings rebate offer?

Multiprocess Welders:

Plasma Cutters:

TIG Welders:

Stick Welders:

Engine-Driven Welders:

Welding Helmets:


If you have any questions about this quarter's Build with Blue promotion, contact us at Kristian Electric today! We are proud to be not only your independent Miller Welders distributor  but your local welder service, repair and warranty depot for Alberta and Saskatchewan.

If you're considering the purchase of a new Miller welding machine or equipment during the 2024 Q2 Build with Blue promotion, our team at Kristian Electric is ready to help you out! With branches located in Calgary, Edmonton, and Saskatoon, we have machines in stock and over 100 years of combined experience to turn your welder dreams into reality.


What is the best part about buying your welder from Kristian Electric?

🔹 We are your authorized Miller warranty depot! Having problems in the first year? Bring your machine right back to us, and we will handle the warranty claim and get you back up and running.

🔹 We are your authorized Miller service & repair depot! We can break in your engine driven, install a positive air shutoff system, install a Webasto heater, winterize your rig, complete a tune-up, or replace a board.

🔹 We offer welding supply and parts! Whether you are looking for repair parts, consumables, or just welding accessories... our showrooms and warehouses are stocked up to get you what you need when you need it.

🔹 We are an independent, locally-owned-and-operated business! Studies show that local businesses like us reinvest in the local economy at a higher rate than national and international chains.


Download the latest 2024 Miller Build with Blue flyer below:

2024 Q2 BWB Spring Savings Rebate Flyer_FNL
Download PDF • 7.96MB

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