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Canada’s Authorized Welder Repair Depot Since 1964.

When it comes to providing top-quality welder repair, welders across the Canadian prairies have trusted Kristian Electric since 1964. With almost sixty years experience repairing your welding equipment, we are proud to be Canada’s leading provider of authorized welder service and warranty repair. With three-fully stocked warehouses and experienced factory-trained technicians at our locations in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon, you can trust the Kristian team to get your welder back in business as quickly as possible.

Alberta & Saskatchewan Welder Repair & Service

Over the past sixty years, we’ve built the Kristian Electric name on the strength and knowledge of our welder service division. We’ve watched leading manufacturers like Miller, Hypertherm, Lincoln Electric and ESAB innovate and improve the capabilities of their welding equipment over the decades, and we’ve grown our welder repair abilities right along with them. Our customers range from the local welder hobbyist, to the independent pipeliner, to the small-scale welding and fabrication shop, to the large-scale Canadian manufacturer. Customers across Alberta and Saskatchewan trust Kristian will know what to do to get their welding and plasma cutting equipment back into production because we’ve done it successfully many times before.

What welding equipment do you repair?

Welding & Plasma Machines

Electric Welders

  • Transformer-based and inverter-based electric welders

  • Power sources

  • Arc welders, Stick (SMAW) welders, MIG (GMAW) welders, TIG (GTAW) Welders, Multiprocess welders

  • Submerged arc (subarc) welders

  • Small resistance/spot welders

​Engine Driven Welders

  • Gasoline, Diesel, and LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) welder/generators

Plasma Cutters

  • Plasma cutting systems

Welding Accessories

Wire Feeders

  • Semi-automatic, integrated, bench, suitcase, advanced process, automatic, robotic, and submerged arc wire feeders

​Welding & Plasma Accessories

  • Air-cooled, water-cooled, and self-shielded flux cored MIG guns

  • Push pull and spool guns

  • Air-cooled and water-cooled TIG torches

  • Handheld plasma cutting torches

  • Welding helmets

  • Running gears and small tow-behind trailers

  • Welding and control cables

  • Welding remotes

  • Welding positioner remotes

  • Electrode holders

  • Ground clamps

  • Foot pedals

Welding Equipment

Welding Equipment

  • Portable and industrial welding fume extractors

  • Rod/electrode stabilizing ovens

​Welding Manipulators

  • Weld positioners

  • Benchtop portable welding positioners

  • Vessel rolls

  • Floor turntables

Induction Heating Equipment

  • Miller ProHeat induction heating equipment

Authorized Service & Repair Depot

Kristian Electric is proud to be the authorized service and warranty depot for many of the welding industry’s leading manufacturers. We employ some of the best welder technicians in the business who are not only factory-trained, but regularly complete service training on the newest welding equipment to make sure that our repair capabilities we are always up to date.

Kristian Electric is the authorized service and warranty depot for all major manufacturers of welding and plasma equipment, such as Miller, Hypertherm, Lincoln Electric, ESAB, and more!

Let's get your welder fixed.

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