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Welding Equipment Calibration Services.

Kristian Electric Ltd. offers comprehensive onsite and in-house welding equipment calibration services, catering to a diverse range of equipment including electric welders, wire feeders, power sources with meters, and induction heating equipment. Our expertise also extends to performance testing for machines without meters and rod ovens.

Upon completion of our services, we provide certificates that are crucial for maintaining your CWB/ISO certifications.

Rest assured, all our calibration processes are meticulously completed in accordance with NIST standards, ensuring the highest level of accuracy and reliability for your equipment.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a welder calibration?

Welding machine meter readouts can change over time, necessitating recalibration. A skilled welding technician can adjust these readouts. They conduct a comprehensive system check, measuring voltage, amperage, and wire feed rates, and then adjust your machine's tolerances based on their analysis.

Why is a welder calibration important?

Inaccurate meter readouts can lead to problems that compromise the strength and quality of your welds. For instance, excessive voltage may cause poor arc control and unstable weld pools, affecting base metal penetration. Conversely, low voltage can lead to weak arc starts, excessive spatter, and bulging beads.

Is it necessary to have my welder and/or welding equipment calibrated?

To ensure optimal strength and quality of welds, calibration is vital. The Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) recommends annual welding calibrations as a part of regular equipment maintenance. These calibrations can be performed either in the shop or on-site for your convenience, allowing for a swift return to work.

Do you provide a certification of calibration?

Post-calibration, your machine will be certified with an official 'Certification of Calibration' issued by your Kristian Electric Ltd. welder technician.


This certification affirms that your machine has been calibrated correctly and is traceable back to the National Research Council of Canada or the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

A stable and accurate welding process not only saves time and money but also ensures the production of quality products.


What types of welders and welding equipment can you calibrate?

We offer calibration services for:

  • Electric welders

  • Wire feeders

  • Power sources with meters

  • Performance testing on machines without meters and rod ovens

  • Induction heating equipment

Let's get your welding equipment calibrated.

Our branches in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon are ready to calibrate your welding equipment!

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