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Gantry cranes for your business.

Gantry cranes are frequently used for lifting and transferring huge cargo in industrial settings, ports, and railroad yards. Gantry cranes are adaptable since they may be used in both indoor and outdoor environments and are capable of handling a variety of loads, including machinery, steel beams, and containers. The mobility of gantry cranes provides an additional advantage as they are easily transportable from one place to another, allowing for optimal use and effective use of available space. Gantry cranes may be moved as needed to accommodate changing demands, which is very helpful in industries with limited space.

As a leading crane supplier in Canada, Kristian Electric Ltd. has multiple options available for your gantry crane, including options by manufacturers such as Gorbel and Spanco. We also provide custom-designed gantry crane solutions based on the requirements of your facility and lifting needs. Our Overhead Crane Team in Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatoon can work with you to find your perfect gantry crane solution!

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