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LIFT / Crane Services / Inspections

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  • A complete inspection of all major components that comply with our interpretation of the appropriate OSHA regulations and CMAA recommendations.

  • Full lubrication of all required components.

  • Inspection of bolted and welded connections on crane components.

  • Minor adjustments to both electrical and mechanical components, including but not limited to: limit switches, control systems, brakes, and trolley flange.

  • Operational tests through a full range of functions.

  • 24/7 Customer Service Hotline

  • Detailed inspection report along with a summary of issues to be addressed.

  • Written recommendations for repairs, spare parts inventory, and additional maintenance requirements


Regular inspections will:

  • Prevent accidents and maintain safe operation of your crane.

  • Avoid unnecessary interruptions in production.

  • Ensure peak efficiency throughout your crane’s long life.

  • Address potential problems before they become more costly or inconvenient.

  • Reduce overhead costs associated with parts, lubricants and tools.

  • Reduce downtime by scheduling when production will not be interrupted.


We also provide an engineered stamped inspection upon request which includes the following:

  • Inspection of structural steel support columns, crane corbels, and haunches, runways.

  • Drawings with Engineering Stamp if required.

  • Weight loading calculations and confirmations.

  • Detailed stamped Engineer inspection report along with a summary of issues to be addressed.