Demag Crane for Paper Industry
In the paper industry, the wet and dry ends of paper machines need to be supplied with a high level of reliability and be equipped for any required maintenance work. In addition, rolls of paper have to be stored and retrieved gently, precisely and efficiently. To meet these diverse requirements, Demag has developed special solutions that deliver reliable processes in paper mills
Demag Process Cranes
From lifting and positioning of a load, to installing and loading machinery – Demag links processes to ensure seamless integration. With efficient, versatile and cost-effective solutions that are customized for your application.
Demag Crane for Recycling Industry
In refuse incineration installations, refuse-derived fuel facilities, cogeneration plants, and cement sites, the operational environment for cranes is particularly harsh. Our process cranes are ideally engineered for these applications.
Optimum design for loading and unloading storage bunkers: fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual control modes
Demag Process Cranes for Aviation
Large parts have to be regularly lifted, turned and positioned on assembly lines in the aviation industry. Process cranes and hoist units that are used in these applications are required to provide correspondingly high performance. Our innovative solutions are listed below:
Demag Crane for Coil Steel Handling
Effective material handling systems are critical to achieving cost-effectiveness in steel service centers. Our cranes improve efficiency and flexibility throughout all operating sequences – including downstream industrial processes. Our customers rely on our crane systems for efficient storage and just-in-time delivery. To satisfy these needs, we offer:
Demag Cranes for Steel Production
Harsh operating conditions in foundries demand high levels of safety and functional reliability for cranes. Our solutions offer flexibility and performance.
Gorbel UnderHung
Capacities up from 5 to 40 Ton
Rectangular Coverage with spans to 38'
Support centers up to 50'
Easily changeable & expandable
Gorbel Monorail
Capacities from 5 to 40 ton
Straight and/or Curved Path Routes
Use to move material through an entire production area
Easily changeable and expandable
Gorbel Freestanding Tarca
Capacities up to 5 Ton
Completely free standing or braced systems
Rectangular Coverage with spans to 60'
Runway supports centers available in 20'-40' increments
Gorbel Ceiling Mounted Tarca
Capacities up to 5 Ton
Rectangular Coverage with spans to 58'
Custom support centers up to 50' on runways
Demag V-Girder
Precise, fast, long service life – the Demag V-type crane revolutionizes load handling. Its innovative design featuring tapered diaphragm joints reduces oscillation frequency by 30%, cuts its weight by an average of 17% and doubles its service life to as many as 500,000 changes of load. Our new girder design offers significantly improved efficiency for handling loads and higher handling rates than conventional box-section girders.
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