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We've got Fronius.

Kristian Electric is now an authorized distributor of Fronius welders in Canada.

Step into the future of welding with Fronius.

Fronius' innovative technology combines efficiency, precision and versatility, making welding easier and more efficient than ever before. With features such as automatic adjustment of welding parameters, real-time monitoring and intuitive controls, you can tackle any welding project with confidence. 

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Who is Fronius?

If you visit a European welding shop, it won't take long before you see red and slate Fronius welding equipment.

Fronius is an Austrian welding equipment manufacturer recognized worldwide as an innovative leader for welding technology.

With their consistent investment in research and development, Fronius welding equipment provides unforeseen quality, multifunctionality, efficiency and mobility.

Now available in North America, Kristian Electric is excited to provide Fronius welders and welding products to Canadian welders.

Fronius Welding Equipment

STICK Welders

Elevate your stick (SMAW) welding game with Fronius Stick battery-powered welders! These high-quality machines offer superior precision and control for the most demanding welding projects. With innovative technology, versatile applications, and user-friendly controls, Fronius battery-powered Stick welding machines are the perfect choice for professional welders and hobbyists alike. Get a smooth, consistent weld every time with Fronius Stick welders.

Kristian Electric Ltd - Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick Welder Canadian Edition.jpg


The AccuPocket 150 Stick (Canadian Edition) is the world's first battery-powered welder. Say goodbye to cables and say hello to mobile steel welding wherever you need it. It's the most portable stick welder ever made.

• Weld anywhere and everywhere on battery power

• Weld 8 sticks of 1/8" 7018 or 18 sticks of 3/32" 7018 on one charge

• Get full power at 120V input even when the battery is dead

Fronius Welder Repair in Canada

Keep your Fronius welding machine in top condition with Kristian's expert welder repair. Our knowledgeable technicians provide prompt and efficient service, ensuring your Fronius welding machine is always up and running when you need it. From repairs to maintenance, you can trust Kristian to keep your welding equipment in top condition.

Our Kristian Saskatoon branch is authorized to complete calibrations, repairs, service and maintenance on Fronius welders and welding equipment.


Authorized Fronius Service Depot

710 46 St E

Saskatoon, SK S7K 0W9

Phone:    (306) 343-9111

Fronius Welder Warranty

Invest in peace of mind with Fronius' industry-leading welder warranty. Fronius' commitment to quality extends to our warranty coverage, providing you with added protection for your investment. With a Fronius welder, you can trust that you're getting the best in both performance and protection.

Fronius offers a free warranty extension when you register your Fronius welding machine!


For those seeking additional peace of mind, Fronius also offers an extended warranty option for the majority of Fronius manual welding systems such as the AccuPocket and the TransSteel.

Our Saskatoon branch is authorized to complete warranty repairs on Fronius welding equipment.


Authorized Fronius Warranty Depot

710 46 St E

Saskatoon, SK S7K 0W9

Phone:    (306) 343-9111

Let's Talk Fronius Welders

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