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Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick with VRD

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Miller Build with Blue Rebate Program

Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick with VRD


Welding Amperage Range:

10-140A @ 120V

Weldable Metals:

Steel, Stainless Steel


Stick (SMAW)


Lightweight at 24 lbs (11 kg), Wheeled Toolcase, Handles,
Optional Carrying Strap

Special Features

The world's first battery-powered welder provides unlimited mobility!
Up to 22 electrodes on a single charge
Full power even with 120 V input
DC battery power channels DC to the arc without any inversion
Advanced Anti-Stick for prevents electrode from sticking to the workpiece
Voltage Reduction Device reduces open circuit voltage to 14 V to maximize safety in confined areas.

Hobbyist, Light Industrial, Industrial


Mobile Steel Welding, Mining, Confined Spaces

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Comes With:

Stock Numbers:

  • AccuPocket 150 Battery-Powered Stick Welding Machine with VRD - Canadian Edition

  • ActiveCharger 1000

  • Charging Cable

  • Electrode Holder

  • Ground Cable

  • Fronius Welding Gloves

  • Fronius Chipping Hammer & Wire Brush

  • Fronius Welding Face Shield

  • Fronius Tool Case 85 with shoulder strap and wheels

49,0410,0067 - Fronius AccuPocket 150 Battery-Powered Stick Welding Machine, Canadian Edition, with VRD (Voltage Reduction Device) Ready2Weld Package

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