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Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick TIG

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Miller Build with Blue Rebate Program

Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick TIG


Welding Amperage Range:

10-140A @ 120V

Weldable Metals:

Steel, Stainless Steel


Stick (SMAW), DC TIG


Lightweight at 24 lbs (11 kg)
Wheeled Toolcase
Optional Carrying Strap

Special Features

The world's first battery-powered welder provides unlimited mobility
Up to 22 electrodes on a single charge
Full power even with 120 V input
DC battery power channels DC to the arc without any inversion
Advanced Anti-Stick for prevents electrode from sticking to the workpiece
Integrated TIG gas solenoid for seamless TIG integration
TIG Pulsing allows for greater control of the weld puddle
TIG tacking function gives you the ability to prepare your pieces without filler material by pulsing the current
Lift Arc ignition provides a cleaner start

Hobbyist, Light Industrial, Industrial


Mobile Steel Welding

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Comes With:

Stock Numbers:

  • AccuPocket 150 Battery-Powered Stick & TIG Welding Machine

  • ActiveCharger 1000

  • TIG Torch

  • Gas Hose

  • Charging Cable

  • Electrode Holder

  • Ground Cable

  • Fronius Welding Gloves

  • Fronius Chipping Hammer & Wire Brush

  • Fronius Welding Face Shield

  • Fronius Tool Case 85 with shoulder strap and wheels

49,0410,0066 - Fronius AccuPocket 150 Stick and TIG Battery-Powered Welding Machine, Ready2Weld Package

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