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Easy Does It: 8 Welding Innovations from Miller to Make Your Job Easier

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

The welding industry can be very demanding. Operators must conform to all sorts of environments, climates and surroundings. Miller has always taken these demands seriously and is constantly producing better technology and superior equipment to necessitate all of these challenges.

Here are just a few of these innovations.

Remote Start

Easily turn your machine on and off remotely so it only runs when you need it. Get more out of each tank, extend time between maintenance and work without the hassle of walking back to your machine, all at the click of a button.

Currently available on the Bobcat 260 Engine Driven Welder.


Eliminate the cumbersome use of remote cables when welding with ArcReach technology. No longer will you need to walk or climb from the weld-joint to the power source and back again to adjust parameters. With ArcReach, you can adjust your meters remotely.

Learn more about Miller's ArcReach here.


Auto-Set is a breakthrough control that automatically sets your welder to the proper parameters. Simply set the wire/rod/tungsten size, set the material thickness, and start welding!

Currently available on the Millermatic 212, Multimatic 215 and the Millermatic 255

MVP (Multi-Voltage Plug) Adaptors

Allows connection to common 120 and 240-volt power receptacles without the use of tools. . Simply choose the plug that fits your receptacle and the power source automatically reconfigures.

See all the Miller products currently available with MVP.

Fan on Demand

The fan operates only when the thermostat senses the need for power source cooling. Running the fan for shorter periods, consumes less energy while keeping internal components cleaner and increasing their life span.

Found on various MIG, multiprocess, stick, TIG and plasma cutter products.

Excel Power

Unlike competitive machines that provide auxiliary power only at 3,600 rpm (max), Excel power delivers a full 2,400 watts (20A) of 120V inverter-based, pure sine wave power at idle. With Excel power, you can operate jobsite tools like grinders and lights at a quieter, fuel-saving engine speed. Refueling time and operating costs are reduced with Excel power, which means more productivity and profitability. Plus, everyone on the jobsite gets a better working environment because noise levels and exhaust emissions are lowered.


Miller power sources equipped with Auto-Line power management deliver consistent, powerful arcs using single-phase or three-phase electrical service from 110V to 575V — even “dirty” power with dips and spikes. “Dirty” or inconsistent input power can exist in the field or in the shop — and it can affect welding arcs. Sometimes, you don’t know what kind of AC power is available. With Auto-Line technology, it doesn’t matter. Many machines need to be linked to AC power, which delays work and increases expenses. Auto-Line machines draw less primary amperage, so you can run more equipment on one circuit.


Welding outdoors, in bight environments, or in an out-of-position welding application that blocks your helmet sensors, can be extremely frustrating. However, X-Mode, available on many Miller helmets, triggers the helmet lens to darken when it senses the electromagnetic field of the arc, rather than the brightness.

Available on the Classic, Digital Infinity, Digital Elite and T94 series of welding helmets.

These are just a few of the many technologies that Miller has designed to make your welding experience as easy as possible. You can learn more about these innovations and others here.

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