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Freedom of Reach

Eliminate the cumbersome use of remote cables when welding with ArcReach technology from Miller. No longer will you need to walk or climb from the weld-joint to the power source and back again to adjust parameters.. With ArcReach, you can adjust your meters remotely.

The first and only technology of this kind on the market, Miller has designed a system that allows your power source to be adjusted remotely, either with a specially designed ArcReach remote or with an ArcReach wire feeder.

These specially designed wire feeders from Miller will then act as the remote in which the operator can precisely set arc voltage at the feeder and monitor the actual arc voltage and current delivered with the digital meters on the feeder.

Each of these wire feeders are equipped with ArcReach technology but are perfectly capable working without it.


  • Connecting an ArcReach accessory from the power source automatically locks out the power sources control panels.

  • The power source will return to it's previous settings once the ArcReach accessory is remove, allowing the user to return to a previous process faster.

  • Users can adjust parameters while the arc is still on.

  • Automatically sets the power source to the correct weld process based on the polarity applied to the weld accessory.

  • Auto adjusts voltage based on weld cable length.

ArcReach Stick/TIG Remote

Productivity = Profitability

Not only does the ArcReach system provide the user with more on-arc time, but it also creates a much safer work environment. Slips, trips and falls are the number one hazards in most workplaces, but especially on industrial jobsites. Working in an environment that could be muddy, wet, windy or worse, having to navigate back and forth through a myriad of obstacles increases a workers risk of injury exponentially. With ArcReach, you don't have to worry. As the Miller ArcReach slogan goes, "Don't Walk, Weld."

Productivity is also increased in that ArcReach allows the user to weld just about anywhere, while maintaining a stable arc and avoiding bad and costly re-work.

ArcReach Products & Accessories

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