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We've Got AlumaReel

We've Got AlumaReel Mobile Welding Rig Products - Kristian Electric Ltd.

Kristian Electric Ltd. is excited to welcome our partners at AlumaReel Canada into our showroom displays in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon! If you are looking for mobile products such as cable reels for your welding rig, we have AlumaReel for sale at all Kristian Electric locations.

If you are not familiar with AlumaReel, they are a Canadian family business that offers innovative welding products and solutions for your mobile welding rig. We encourage our customers to stop by our showrooms for a sneak peek at what their welding truck set up could be like with the addition of quality AlumaReel products.

We are excited to carry AlumaReel's most popular products, available in both black Sandtex coating and clear coated polished aluminum options, including:

Kristian Electric Ltd - AlumaReel WCR-100

1. Welding Cable Reel (WCR-100)

  • 500 amp rating

  • Easy cable hook up

  • Durable powder coat finish

  • Aluminum construction

  • Light weight

  • No rustable parts

  • Ball bearings used on all rotating parts

  • Easy and smooth hand crank

  • Holds approx 125 feet 2/0 cable, 150 feet of 1/0 when used with Kupferlock Theft Control

  • 150 feet of 2/0 or 175 feet of 1/0 will not work with Kupferlock Theft Control Cable

  • Bolts provided for cable connections

  • PVC and nylon isolation

Kristian Electric Ltd - AlumaReel EC6-100

2. 6 Wire Electric Reel (EC6-100)

  • Single & dual entry available

  • For electrical cord use or remote control

  • 14 gauge internal wiring

  • Continuous electric connections in both winding and unwinding

  • Less than 1 milliohm resistance

  • Maintenance free slip rings

  • Contacts designed for zero wear

  • Easy wire hook up, no disassembling required

  • Hold 100 to 125 feet wire depending on cable size

  • Up to 30 amp load capacity

As well as the Oxy-Axetylene Hose Reel (2HR-100) and Reel Security Lock System (RSL-12)!

All Kristian Electric locations in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon have access to their wide array of other products and accessories, including:

  • 3-Wire Electrical Reel (EC3-100)

  • Propane Reel (1HR-100)

  • Shielding Gas Reel (1HR-Shield)

  • Air Reel 3/8” or ½” (AIR-100 38 or AIR-100 0.5)

  • Air Reel ¾” (AIR-100 .75)

  • 1 Reel Mounting Post (RP-012)

  • 2 Reel Mounting Post (RP-024)

  • 3 Reel Mounting Post (RP-036)

  • 4 Reel Mounting Post (RP-048)

  • Toolboxes

  • Toolbox Accessories

  • Welding Skids

Kristian Calgary's Drew and Matt pose with our AlumaReel display
Kristian Calgary's Drew and Matt pose with our AlumaReel display!

Did you know?

When you visit AlumaReel's website, you can configure a 3D Welding Rig for your specific truck and produce a plan to create the welding rig you have always dreamed of! You can also download the certification for the Reel Rig for any job requirements you may have.

AlumaReel x Kristian Electric

AlumaReel’s heavy duty remote reels coupled with Kristian Electric’s patented remote and wire set-up gives our customers exactly what they need to utilize power and amperage control from up to 100 feet away from their welding machines! Combining AlumaReel and Kristian Electric welding equipment is ideal for everyday use or as a back up to your existing wireless remote set up. We highly recommend every welder utilize this combination for ultimate welding performance.

Through our partnership with AlumaReel, the whole team here at Kristian Electric is excited to find another avenue to bring our customers’ needs and wants to the table. It's our mission to ensure you are always satisfied with the products you are purchasing from our independent welder shop.

And don't forget about service -- our Welder Service Division in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon also offers install, service and repair of all AlumaReel products.

Stop by at any Kristian Electric branch in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon to chat about AlumaReel's product offerings today or use our website now to contact our team today.

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