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3 Things You Need to Know About the NEW Miller Build with Blue Rebate Promotion

Updated: Jul 4

Note: We've updated this article for the NEW Summer 2024 Miller Build with Blue Rebate Promotion. View the current rebate information here!

Build with Blue is BACK! This quarter's Build with Blue rebate promotion from Miller Welders runs from January 9 to March 31, 2023.

If you're planning to invest in new Miller welding products, utilizing Build with Blue rebate offers is an excellent way to save money on your upcoming purchase.


What is the Build with Blue rebate offer?

If you're new to the welding world, Build with Blue is a rebate promotion from Miller where you can get money back from Miller after purchasing eligible items. There are two specific rebate opportunities:

  1. Purchase a qualifying product or product bundle (Welders, Helmets, or Acetylene Outfit) to be eligible for the first rebate.

  2. Add on Miller accessories or Hobart Filler Metals to your purchase be eligible for the additional rebate.

  3. Submit your rebate request online to claim your rebates before the rebate claim submission period ends.

What's different about this rebate offer compared to 2021 Q3 and Q4?

Here's the top three things you should know if you're planning on purchasing new Miller welding equipment, helmets or accessories during this rebate promotion.


#1. New 30-Day Claim Submission Deadline Introduced

Starting this quarter, Miller has introduced a 30-Day Submission Deadline for all qualifying rebate claims.

That means all rebate claims must be submitted within 30 days of your purchase date to qualify for the rebate.

This is quite a big change. Both previous Build with Blue rebate promotions accepted rebate claim submissions until one month after the promotion period ended. (For example, the rebate claim submission deadline was January 31, 2023 for the 2022 Q4 Build with Blue Holiday Savings, which spanned from October 1 to December 31, 2022.)

If you're planning on purchasing qualifying products, make sure you submit your rebate claim request at within 30 days of your purchase date to remain eligible for the rebate.


#2. Two Engine-Driven Welders are Included in this Rebate

For the first time since Build with Blue was brought back in Q3 2022, Miller is providing rebates on TWO engine-driven welder/generator machines.

If you are looking to invest in a new gas-powered welding power source, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the Build with Blue discounts.

We're not sure if Miller is planning to keep a few engine-driven machines on the list for next promotion, so we recommend taking advantage of this deal this quarter if you are interested in either of the included machines.

What engine-driven welders are included in this rebate promotion?

Miller Fusion 185 Gas Engine-Driven Welder/AC Generator (907781)

  • This new release from Miller provides smooth, stable Stick arc but now with 185 Amps of power!

  • PowerShift Technology provides flexibility for using gasoline engine or the multi-voltage plug (MVP) with 120/240 V power for use indoors or outdoors

  • Inverter technology provides improved arc performance and less rework

Miller Bobcat 260 Welder Gas Engine-Driven Welder/AC Generator (907792001)

  • There is a reason the Bobcat 260 is the most popular welder/generator in the industry!

  • Remote Start/Stop included in base model with Kohler engine

  • Save on Fuel and Maintenance - turn off your machine using the Remote Start/Stop and save money on fuel and maintenance with fewer engine hours


#3. ALL Digital Elite Series Helmets are Eligible for this Rebate

If you're looking to purchase a new Miller welding helmet, more welding helmets are included with this quarter's Build with Blue rebate promotion than ever before!

Rebates on welding helmets were not offered on the 2022 Q4 Holiday Savings promotion, and only 3 helmets (Digital Infinity Series - Black Ops, Departed and Stars & Stripes) were eligible during 2022 Q3 Summer Savings.

This Build with Blue rebate promotion provides a $60 Rebate on ALL Digital Elite Series helmets.

Eligible helmets:

  • Digital Elite, Black (289755)

  • Digital Elite, Black External Grind (288924)

  • Digital Elite, Lucky's Speed Shop (289756)

  • Digital Elite, Inferno (289762)

  • Digital Elite, Vintage Roadster (289764)

  • Digital Elite, Stars & Stripes II (289759)

  • Digital Elite, Raptor (289768)

  • Digital Elite, Gear Box (289844)

  • Digital Elite, Blue Rage II (281010)


If you have any questions about this quarter's Build with Blue specifics or would like a quote, contact us at Kristian today! We are proud to be not only your local, independent Miller Welders distributor -- but also the service and warranty depot for Alberta and Saskatchewan.

If you're planning on purchasing a new Miller welding machine or equipment during the 2023 Q1 Build with Blue promotion, our team at Kristian Electric Ltd. is ready to help you out. With three branches in Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon, we have machines in stock and 100+ years of combined experience to make your Miller welder dreams come true.

What is the best part about buying a welder from Kristian?

🔹 We are your authorized Miller warranty depot! Having problems in the first year? Bring your machine right back to us, and we will handle the warranty claim and get you back up and running.

🔹 We are your authorized Miller service/repair depot! We can break in your engine drive, install your choice of OEM or aftermarket accessories, winterize your rig, complete a tune-up, or replace a board.

🔹 We offer welding supply and parts! Whether you are looking for parts, consumables, or accessories... our showrooms and warehouses are stocked up to get you what you need when you need it.

🔹 We are an independent, locally-owned-and-operated business! Studies show that local businesses like us reinvest in the local economy at a higher rate than national and international chains.


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