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Inspection VS Preventative Maintenance: What’s the Difference?

Kristian Electric technicians performing preventative maintenance on an overhead bridge crane.

You may see a lot of businesses offering equipment inspections on everything from your car to your home and of course on any heavy duty industrial machinery. Overhead cranes are no exception to this, in fact Occupational Health and Safety and CMAA regulations recommend having an overhead crane inspected at least once a year, depending on the usage of the crane.

An inspection usually involves a certified technician to come to your site and do an overall visual analysis of your crane, and present you with a quote for all servicing and maintenance required.

However a preventative maintenance program from Kristian Electric works a little differently. Our technicians will physically open up the motors and brakes for inspection. Any minor adjustments to both electrical and mechanical components, such as limit switches, control systems, brakes and trolley flanges, will be made at the time of the initial inspection. All machine oil will be tested, and the equipment will be run through operational tests of all its functions. Also, a thorough analysis of all welded and bolted connections will be performed to ensure the structural integrity of the crane itself.

On average, Kristian Electric’s preventative maintenance takes twice as long as a traditional visual inspection, lasting anywhere between 2-4 hours, depending on the crane size and type. All minor upkeep and maintenance is performed during this time, eliminating a second inspection or service call, unless larger scale repairs are required.

Kristian Electric also provides customers with a detailed inspection report, along with a summary of any major issues that need to be addressed and any maintenance recommendations.

Less hassle, less down time and less worry.

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