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Fits Like A Glove

We have all heard the expression, “If the shoe fits” but what about the glove?

When it comes to welding, protection is everything and our hands are no exception. Depending on the application and the welding process, different types of hand protection may be necessary.

So before you strike that arc, take a moment to ask yourself if the glove fits the process.

Miller TIG Gloves

TIG Gloves

TIG welding produces the least amount of heat in comparison to other welding processes, however it requires the most dexterity as most TIG welding projects depend on precision with thin metal. Goat skin gloves are ideal as they allow for finite movement as well as the agility to easily hold the filler rod.

Though some welding gloves come lined with either cotton or wool, Miller’s line of TIG gloves are completely unlined, granting the user more dexterity and heightening their natural touch.

Miller MIG/Stick Gloves


With the higher levels of heat and spatter created from MIG and STICK welding, a more durable glove is required. Miller offers both lined and unlined versions of their MIG/STICK gloves, depending on the application. Lined gloves offer more protection while unlined styles allow more dexterity.

Padding in these gloves come in a variety of options. From the simple fleece padded palm of the MIG (lined) glove to the silicone patches and multi-layered palm and back of the Heavy-Duty MIG/STICK glove.

Higher grade leather, usually a cow or pig grain option are used for more durability and protection.

Miller Metalworker Gloves

Other Options

Though each welding process has gloves specifically designed for it, be sure to use those gloves for just that; welding.

Welding gloves are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, however they are not designed to be used as general work gloves. The soft leather of a welding glove is no match for sharp metal or moving machinery. If material handling is your expectation, Miller offers both a multi-purpose and a metal workers glove designed with cow leather for superior durability as well as abrasion resistant options.

No matter the job, Miller can provide the perfect option to make sure you are protected and guarantee you are in safe hands.

For more information on Welding and work gloves, click here

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