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Get To The Chopper!

In 2004, Miller Electric Mfg. celebrated it’s 75th year as a company. To celebrate, they enlisted the services of the guys at Orange County Choppers to design and build a custom motorbike for the occasion. For those of you who don’t remember, Orange County Choppers, or OCC, was the custom motorbike garage showcased on the hugely popular television show American Chopper, featured on the Discovery Channel and later TLC, back in the early 2000’s.

On their show, the crew at OCC consistently used Miller products in their garage, which made them the perfect choice to create the commemorative bike.

The Miller bike featured a Miller Elite welding helmet morphing out of the gas tank, a Diamondback TIG torch mounted in the frame and a Roughneck MIG gun that formed the mirror. The guys at OCC also incorporated a tow-behind XMT 304 multi-process inverter to complete the design.

Also to celebrate this anniversary, Miller Electric had a huge showcase in the 2004 Canadian Welding Show in Toronto, Ontario. They personally invited many of their loyal Canadian distributors and customers, including none other than Kristian Electric. Two of our company owners made the trip out east to represent Kristian Electric and were lucky enough to get this snapshot with the one-of-a-kind bike that was prominently displayed in the Miller Electric booth.

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