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New Years Greetings from Kristian Electric

To our valued customers across the industrial community: May this message find you well during the holiday season. Although our usual gatherings and traditions are not something everyone can enjoy this year, I hope you are doing your best to persevere.

It has been a difficult year for us all. As we prepare to close the chapter on 2020 and renew our strength for the year ahead, I wanted to take this opportunity to personally reach out to those who make our services possible -- our customers. After 56 years in business, we have seen our share of accomplishments and challenges as a company. 2020 was no exception. Together, we have all faced the challenges to maintain our health, the health of our loved ones, our businesses, and our lives during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of each calendar year, I often take some time to think about my father, our company founder and former President, Bjorn ‘Kris’ Gjertsen. Although he left us in 2008, we continue to move forward in his absence by remembering his values, especially in times of hardship. He believed that every customer and every employee was part of the family. Just like our company slogan “A Strong Family,” my father knew that we are all stronger together. Kristian Electric continues to persevere because of you -- our customers, our employees, our family. Our gratitude to you is endless as we remember how you continue to support us in these times while facing all of the same challenges. Thank you for being here for us and know that we are here for you. On behalf of our entire Kristian family -- stay safe, stay kind, and Happy New Year. Sincerely, Kevin Gjertsen, President Kristian Electric Ltd.

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