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We Can Hook You Up - Crane Training

Crane and rigging accidents are often the direct result of operator error or the lack of adequate operator training or experience. So what can you do about this? Have your employee, or yourself for that matter, properly trained to operate an overhead crane in the safest manner possible, as well as learn the tips and tricks that can make making lifts easier and safer.

Overhead Crane Training Infographic - Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon

However, training a worker every 3 years is no longer sufficient. Yearly follow-up training and re-evaluation are recommended to ensure correct lifting practices are maintained. Skills development training should be considered for all newly trained Overhead crane operators. Additional training should also be considered when crane operators are involved in advanced rigging applications, such as turning loads over, dual crane lifts; and when using magnets, spreaders, C-hooks, vacuum lifters and other specialized rigging.

Kristian Electric offers two different types of courses to cover your training needs.

  • Overhead Crane Operator Training

  • Hoist Operator Training (Monorail, Jib, Gorbel)

Each course follows OH&S Safety bulletin IS009 “guidelines for Safety Training of Overhead Crane Operators and Supervisors”.

Topics include:

Legislation, manufacturer’s specifications, identifying cranes/hoists and their components, pre-use inspections, lift plan, hazard assessment, load evaluation, load weight calculation, danger zone, pinch points/crush points, rigging selection and inspection, attaching the load to the crane, center of gravity, signaling, tagline use, moving the load safely, stopping the load safely, positioning the load, removal and proper storage of rigging and shut down procedure.

Each course covers a two day period, with the first day dedicated to in class education, while the second day is put aside for one on one, hands-on training with either of our experienced and qualified instructors.

With the completion of your training, you will recieve a wallet sized "certificate of training" valid for up to 3 years, though yearly follow-up training is recommended.

Kristian Electric has over 50 years of material handling experience. With our vast knowledge base and huge amount of experience, we are your ideal choice when it comes to yourself or your employees crane training education.

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