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Jib Crane VS. Workstation Bridge Cranes: 4 Questions to Ask

In our experience, many a customer has come to us having decided that a jib crane would be the perfect fit for their shop/workspace. However, upon our inspection of the site, a few things usually come to light that our customers are unaware of.

What capacity is the load? What is the span or reach required for adequate coverage of the work area?

Typically a jib rated for a ¼ ton load can safely span up to a maximum of 13 ft., while a ½ ton can only span up to 9 ft. when mounted on a common foundational floor. Greater spans and loads exceeding ½ ton require installation of a special foundation in order to mount the jib safely and properly. To meet this requirement, another investment must literally be “buried in the ground” with the new foundation.

Where do I want my investment to go?

In these instances, consider taking that investment out of the ground and putting it into a workstation bridge crane.

Workstation bridge cranes have a rigid construction and can be safely mounted to common foundational floors. Also, it can easily be moved and remounted around the workspace, unlike a custom jib which will be permanent, unless another specialty foundation is poured.

With the ability to move on an X-Y axis rather than be confined to a 360 degree space, Workstation bridge cranes will greatly extend the efficient work area, as well as increase the workers mechanical advantage to move loads within the work space.

Is a jib crane really what I need?

Jib cranes are a fantastic and functional option for many applications, however, be sure to consider exactly what you expect your jib to do. If you are predicting to push your new jib to its limits, you may in the end, only be limiting yourself and your workers.

Maybe a workstation crane is just what you need!

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