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Stampede BBQ 2014


As many of you know, on July 10th, Kristian Electric Calgary hosted their second annual Stampede BBQ Fundraiser to raise money for STARS. In comparison to last year’s Flood Fundraiser BBQ, the Calgary team had much more than a week to prepare and organize the event, leading to a great improvement in almost every area of the planning!


Organizing a public charity event (with food) is no easy task, however, the great thing about putting on an event such as the Stampede BBQ Fundraiser is giving everyone the opportunity to utilize their own respective talents and passions! A great example of this is the talented team of Gerry and Bill. A month before the barbecue, they pitched the idea that ran against the grain of what had been done last year (burgers and smokies) – mainly, building a Kristian Electric smoker out of some spare shop supplies and cooking up some beef on a bun!


While at first many employees thought this was a crazy – albeit creative – idea, everyone at the Calgary branch was quickly impressed by the passion and dedication put towards the task as they watched Gerry, Bill, Carol, Norberto, John and Nathan construct an impressive hot smoker in the back yard. The Calgary team also felt the love from Edmonton as they sent down one of their very own smokers to mount on the other side of the trailer! In addition to being used for the barbecue, the new smokers will be retained by Kristian Electric for use at any of our three branches!


In the end, the barbecue food was cooked completely by the two hot smokers masterfully created by our very own Kristian employees. The smoked beef on a bun -- prepared and smoked to Gerry and Bill’s specifications – turned out absolutely delicious and definitely was the highlight of the event.

This year, the Kristian Electric Stampede BBQ Fundraiser was officially registered with STARS, so we were graciously supplied with hats for donation, banners, brochures, stickers, temporary tattoos and the works from the organization! We also were provided with raffle and monetary donations from over twenty of our valued suppliers!


In total, we served almost 170 people (not including the employees) which was an increase from last year, and we managed to raise $1833.30 for STARS!

“To give you an idea of what this can do for STARS, Kristian Electric just purchased;

73 Oxygen Tank Refills onboard the flights; or

18 Diagnostics Testing Units; or

5 Blue Flight Suits for our Crew; or

1 Medical Flight Helmet!

There are many more things that your donation has helped support, but these are some tangible items that your team should be very proud of supporting.”


Thank you to everyone who supported and attended our second annual Stampede BBQ fundraiser!

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