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Powermax30 Air


Powermax30 Air


Despite its small size, Hypertherm's Powermax30 AIR delivers big performance. The smallest, lightest handheld plasma cutting system in its class, it includes its own built-in air compressor, so you can use the Powermax30 AIR anywhere there’s single-phase power. Just plug it in, attach the work clamp and you’re ready to cut.

Recommended Cut Capacity: 5/16"

Severance: 5/8"


Output Range: 15-30

Input Phase: Single

Application Capabilities:

  • Drag Cutting

  • Internal compressor eliminates the need for an external air compressor and filter

  • Plug into any 120 or 240 V power (convenient Auto-Voltage™ technology and plug adapters included)

  • Patent-pending consumable design enables consistent cutting by optimizing the airflow from the compact, internal compressor

  • Quickly cut metal grate or rusted metal without retriggering with the continuous pilot arc feature

  • Fast cutting speeds and superior cut quality let you finish jobs quicker, with fewer secondary operations

This system is eligible for
Hypertherm's trade-in program!

Trade in your old plasma cutter and receive a HUGE credit towards your new Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutting system.

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