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Lodestar Classic
Electric Chain Motor

From outdoor sporting events and concert tours to Broadway musicals and Las Vegas shows, the CM Lodestar Classic electric chain motor is the legendary tough motor that professional riggers around the world can rely on.


Capacities: 1/8 to 2 tons (Metric Rated)
Lift: 60 ft. standard (other lifts available)
Speeds: 5 to 100 F.P.M. at 60 Hz.
Voltages: 1-phase and 3-phase available
Legendary in performance, professional riggers around the world have come to rely on the CM Lodestar® for the most demanding and challenging applications. Now, this iconic hoist is available as an economical 2-ton single-reeved unit that's ideal for a variety of lifting applications. And, because it's a single reeved unit, overall weight is decreased making it easier to transport and rig compared to a traditional double-reeved unit.

Capacities: 1/8 to 2 tons
Standard Lift: 60 feet
CM Lodestar D8+
Lodestar D8+
The Lodestar D8+ electric chain hoist meets all Standard SR2.0 requirements. It's clutch, outside the load path, acts as a precise overload device; and design factor is 10:1 with a double brake installed. The Lodestar D8+ is in accordance with the VPLT Code of Practice
CM Lodestar BGV-C1
Lodestar BGV-C1
The Lodestar BGV-C1 Series meets the BGV-C1 German regulation for entertainment rigging. Available with fixed or variable speed, the Lodestar BGV-C1 can be adapted to reach a System Integrity Level 3 (SIL3).
CM ProStar
Lightweight and quiet, the CM Prostar electric chain hoist is designed and built for the unique rigging needs encountered at small venues. This portable hoist features standard overload protection to help ensure structural and operator safety. New swivel hook suspension allows for easy attachment to slings and pick points.
CM Hurricane 360
The CM Hurricane 360 has a patented hand chain cover that rotates a full 360 degrees to allow for positioning, pulling and lifting of loads from virtually any angle - making it the only hoist of its kind in the industry.

The Hurricane 360° is ideal when working:
in tight spaces where the rigid handle of a lever hoist would be difficult to maneuver and operate.
above the load being Lifted.
on a drifting application where the hand chain angle adjusts throughout the operation.
with la
Series 622
Hand Chain Hoist
The CM Series 622 Hand Chain Hoist features a simple, efficient and economical design for easy installation and use.

Capacities: 1/2 to 10 tons
Lifts: 10 to 30 feet.
Simple, efficient, economical design.
Compact design, low headroom and lightweight steel construction for easy installation, even in confined spaces.
Weston-type load brake requires no lubrication.
Hand wheel cover with guide slots minimizes jamming and slipping.
Series 653
The CM Series 653 Lever Operated Hoist features a short handle and minimal lever pull effort combined with high quality, rugged, steel for close quarter pulling, stretching, and hoisting applications.

Capacities: 3/4 to 6 tons
Lifts: 5 to 20 feet
Hardened steel load sharing gears.
Double pawl arrangement for assured load control.
Two chain guide rollers for positive chain engagement.
Weston type braking system for positive load control and positioning.
Series 602 603
Mini-Ratchet Lever Hoist

The CM Series 602/603 Mini Ratchet Lever Hoist features the most compact and comfortable ratchet lever hoist in the market. They perform just like the larger models and are available in 550 to 1,100 pound lifting capabilities.

Capacities: 550 to 1100 lbs
Lifts: 5 to 10 feet
Plated load chain is standard.
Weston-type load brake.
Rubber hand grip for better comfort and security.
Cable Lever
The CM Cable Ratchet Lever Hoists provide high quality and durability, with a wide variety of rigging options. Cable Hoists are designed for safety and have many features that provide easy operation. Ideal for construction and commercial applications.
Capacities: 1/4 to 2 tons
Lifts: 17 to 40 feet
Handle design for overload protection - bends to prevent overload.
Hooks with safety latches - 360° swiveling hooks equipped with safety latches for positive load engagement.
GT series
The CM GT Series Grip & Pull Wire Rope Lever Tool features a rugged and portable design for heavy-duty pulling, rigging, dragging, and stretching applications over long distances.

Capacities: 1 to 3 tons
Lifts: 32 to 65 feet
Smooth Operation and Low Wear - The large surface area of the clamping jaws provides an evenly distributed grip.
Unique jaw design prevents damage to the wire rope.
Limitless Wire Rope
Electric wire rope winches provide superior performance when lifting speeds are vital. The aluminum compact wire rope winch has a closed construction and therefore requires little maintenance. Perfect for superstructures on vehicles and trailers and when lifting and lowering a wide variety of loads.
RPE winches are designed explicitly for performance, efficiency, and security, and offer many advantages and options. The unit’s extremely compact, practical cube design and universal rope lead-offs allow individual applications in almost any position and make these winches powerful aids for lighting and pulling loads.
CM has designed manual lifting to be not only secure but also ergonomic. The friction disk brake equipped with a shuttle valve on the wire rope winch prevents unintentional lowering of the load in every position. These wire rope winches have been galvanized for maximum protection.
Wire Rope Winch
The robust high-quality LB wire rope winch is made of V2A stainless steel - suitable for outdoor use. This console-mounted hand wire rope winch effortlessly handles any job
Wall Mount Wire Rope Winch
With a removable crank, inside braked spring retention and aluminum housing, workers will find the SW-W winch the perfect equipment for most requirements. The versatile SW-W, equipped with a toothed spur wheel back gear, has a low net weight and compact design. Easily mounts onto the wall and permits rope output in any direction.
Wall Mount Wire Rope Winch w/ Worm Gear
For the lifting and lowering of a wide range of loads, our manual wire rope winch with worm gear and additional friction disk brake is mounted onto the wall and takes up to tonnes tension loads. Winch housing and rope drum are made of sturdy steel plate. Sizes from tonnes upwards re equipped with an additional speed increasing ratio used for overdrive.
CM DSR Sheaves
DSR Sheaves
The steel DSR sheaves feature a wear-resistant rope guide where the machine groove is perfectly adjusted to the wire rope. Fifteen different types guarantee a made-to-specification solution at loads of up to 8 tons. The sheaves can be varied in wire and sheave diameter (from 3.125" up to 19.3125") and as standard all sheaves are equipped with ball bearings.
CM Plain and Geared Trolleys
Plain & Geared Trolleys are an economical choice for most applications. These trolleys feature steel wrap around side plates, dual tread wheels and lifetime lubricated shielded ball bearings. All of these features combine to ensure you a trolley that is smooth rolling, versatile and reliable.

Capacities: rated loads from 1/4 to 5 tons in plain and geared models.
Economical - Excellent low cost choice for manual and powered hoists.
Series 632 Close Radius Trolley
The CM Series 632 Close Radius Trolley features a shorter and lighter design than competitive trolleys, with all the strength. It has the ability to handle tight curves and maintain low headroom capabilities.

Capacities: rated loads from 1/4 to 3 tons
Negotiates radius curves as tight as 7" to 10"
Made of highest quality rolled steel.
Unique Double row, ball bearing wheel design for greater wear capacity.
Larger V-bars available for wider flange adjustment.
For low headroom applications.
VTE Electric Motor Driven Trolley
Specially designed to be operated with a VFD for use in moving video screens or when variable speed and smooth movement is needed.

The trolley motor has a worm gear transmission that ensures smooth starting, stopping and self braking.

The sturdy compact frame has a low overall height and is very easy to install and adjustable to different beam sizes.

Motor protected to IP55

Maximum Travel Speed: 70 fpm
CM Beam Clamp
CM Beam Clamps act as a semi-permanent attachment point for manual or electric hoists.

Working load limit up to 10 tons.

Suitable for use with powered hoists and chain blocks.

Load pin incorporated for load suspension with reduced headroom.

Designed to fit flanges of most structural beams.

All CM Screwlok girder clamps are factory proof tested and a certification is shipped with each product.
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