Demag Spare Parts

As Western Canada's stocking Demag dealer, Kristian Electric Ltd. is your go-to Canadian source for spare parts for Demag cranes, hoists, trolleys, and more.

Your Canadian Demag Parts Professionals since 1964.

Kristian Electric Ltd. is a major stocking distributor for Demag Cranes and Components. We are the largest stocking distributor in Western Canada and maintain one of the largest inventories of current and obsolete Demag hoist parts in North America. All parts supplied are OEM parts direct from Demag. We also maintain an inventory of used & refurbished parts for your equipment including Demag motors and gearboxes.
Demag Cranes and Components Distributor - Kristian Electric Ltd.

We can provide parts for the following lines of Demag lifting equipment: *

Demag Wire Rope Hoist Parts

  • Demag DH Wire Rope Hoist

    • DH160, DH200, DH300, DH325, DH400, DH500, DH640, DH1000, DH1050, DH1063, DH2000​

  • Demag DMR Wire Rope Hoist

    • EK-DMR, EZ-DMR,​

  • Demag DR Wire Rope Hoist


  • Demag DR-BAS Wire Rope Hoist (some parts obsolete)


  • Demag P (P Series) Wire Rope Hoist

    • P100, P200, P400, P600, P1000, P1600, P2000​

    • PLV80, PL80, PL160

Demag Electric Chain Hoist Parts

  • Demag DC Series Electric Chain Hoist

    • Demag DC-COM Electric Chain Hoist​

    • Demag DC-PRO Electric Chain Hoist

    • Demag DCS-PRO Electric Chain Hoist

    • Demag DCMS Electric Chain Hoist

    • Demag DCBS Electric Chain Hoist with Balancer

  • Demag DK Series Electric Chain Hoist

    • Demag DKES Electric Chain Hoist​

    • Demag DKUN Electric Chain Hoist

    • Demag DKM Electric Chain Hoist

  • Demag PK Series Electric Chain Hoist

    • PK1, PK2, PK5, PK10, PKV1, PKVUN1

Demag Motors and Gearboxes Parts

  • Demag AF Series Gearboxes/Hollow Shaft Speed Reducer Unit

    • AF05, AF06, AF08, AF10, AF12​

  • Demag FG Series Motors

    • FG06, FG08, FG10​

  • Demag G Series Motors

    • G100, G140, G160​

  • Demag KB Series Motors

    • KB71, KB140, KB160, KB225​


  • Demag Z Series Motors

    • Z80, Z90, Z90A, Z90B, Z100, Z112, Z132​


Demag Microspeed Units Parts

  • Demag FG Series Microspeed Units

    • FG06, FG08, FG10​

Demag KBK Parts

  • Demag KBK Cable Trolleys

  • Demag KBK C-Track

  • Demag KBK Festoon System Parts

Demag Endtruck & Wheel Block Parts

  • Demag DFW, KTL Endtrucks

  • Demag DRS Wheelblocks

  • Demag RS Wheelblocks

Demag Pendant and Radio Remote Control Parts

  • Demag DST Pendants

    • DST3, DST6, DST7, DST9​

  • Demag DSE Pendants

    • DSE-10, DSE10-R​

  • Demag DRC Radio Remote Control

    • DRC-10​

Demag Manulift Parts

  • Demag PM Series Manulift

    • PM5, PM8, PM12​

Demag Contactors & Misc Parts

  • Demag DSUB 311 (DSUB311) Contactor   87560144

  • Demag DSKR 310 (DSKR310) Contactor   87560644

  • Demag DSW 3TF8133 Contactor   87535133

  • Demag DSUB 111 (DSUB111) Contactor   87536144

  • Demag DSW 3TF8633 Contactor   87559133

* Availability of all parts is subject to change. Contact us to confirm we can provide the parts you require.

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