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As part of the ArcReach technology platform, the heater is an accessory for select ArcReach welding power sources.

The ArcReach Heater air-cooled induction heating system is specifically designed for preheating and bakeout applications up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315°C), without the need for a cooler and coolant. Preheat and bakeout programs can be manually entered or loaded via USB drive. Heating data is automatically recorded and can be used in quality control and documentation needs. The air-cooled cables and quick wraps are manufactured from durable high-temperature materials, and designed to withstand the tough conditions in both industrial and construction applications.

Easy setup with flexibility to fit a variety of pipe diameters, plates or odd geometries.


Time-to-temperature is faster than conventional processes due to the method of applying heat, reducing cycle time.


Uniform heating is maintained along and through the heat zone by using induction heat within the material. The surface of the part is not marred by localized conducted heat at higher than specified temperatures.


Improved working environment during welding. Welders are not exposed to open flames, explosive gases and hot elements associated with fuel gas heating and resistance heating.

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ArcReach Heater
Air Cooled Cables
Insulation w/ Cable Harness
Extension Cable Box
Series Cable Adaptor
Thermocouple Sensor
Air-Cooled Quick Wrap
Preheat Cable Cover Wrap
Preheat Insulation
High Temp Rope
Temperature Measurement
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Applications Refineries, Oil and gas, Petrochemical, Power plants, Shipyards, Structural,

Process, Induction heating

Maximum Preheat and Bakeout Temperature 600°F (315°C )

Input Power Operates on open-circuit voltage: 50 –70 volts

Output Current 200 amps

Output Voltage 300 volts

Source Current 33 amps

Output Frequency 5–30 kHz

Rated Output 7.8 kW at 100% duty cycle

ArcReach Heater Dimensions H: 18.6 in. W: 11.2 in. D: 26.7 in. 

Weight Net: 43 lb. (20 kg)