Wireless amperage control for welding units

The WAC wireless Remote Control lets you vary your welding unit’s amperage from 2000 feet.  It installs in minutes; you can change your amperage by just turning a dial without pressing any buttons plus you get immediate acknowledgement of your change. The unit has been field tested for over seven years including in temperatures of below – 25 ° Celsius.

The WAC Welding remote control is far ahead of other competitive products in functionality and ease of operation.

To use, install the units 14-pin connector to the remote-control outlet on your welding unit. Power up, press the start button on the hand control and you are ready to weld. To vary the amperage – just turn the dial on the hand control. A beep and light will acknowledge your change immediately. When done welding, just press the stop button on the hand control to set the amperage to off.

  • Adjust the welding amperage from up to 2000 feet by simply turning a dial.

  • Dual Control - half amperage or full amperage mode.

  • Two way communication between hand control and welding control verifies amperage change has occurred

  • Hand control comes complete with strong magnets and belt/armband clip.

  • Easy to install, basically plug and play.

  • Productivity increase is substantial.  You always get the right amperage without having to drag an extra cable to the welding site or use a helper.

  • All products have a two year full replacement warranty.

  • Field tested for over seven years.

Product Features

  • Red button stops amperage output, allowing spark-free relocation of welding cable.

  • Green button re-enables the unit at full power.  Black button re-enables the unit at half-power.

  • Each WAC unit has its own frequency and is designed not to interfere with any other radio frequency device, including other WAC units.

  • Eliminates dragging of additional cable and remote box to welding site.

  • response signal from control unit tells you your amperage change is in effect.

Safety Features

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