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The History Of Overhead Cranes

There have been many moments in history that have brought to fruition the function and design of the overhead Crane, however there are a few specific moments whose impact stand out more than the others.

CM Tornado 360 Ratchet Lever Hoist

The Tornado 360 ratchet lever hoist from CM not only allows the user to rotate the lever in a 360 degree motion, but is also one of the safest hoists of its kind in the world.

Overhead Crane Inspections

What exactly does an overhead crane inspection entail?  How often should they be completed?  Chad Gjertsen of Kristian Electric gives you the run down.

Carl Needs a Crane

See how Kristian Electric helps Carl's Car Tune Up's in this fun little cartoon.

Millermatic Auto Set
Auto-Set from Miller Electric is available on the Millermatic 125 Hobby, 141, 190, 211 & 212.

KEL Crane Operator Training

If you need Overhead Crane training, we can HOOK you up!  All courses follow OH&S guidelines.

Welder Winterization

We know that old man winter can wreak havoc, dipping down to -30 Celsius or colder is a common occurrence and it can be very hard on an engine driven welding machine.

KEL's Ice Bucket Challenges

When the ALS ice bucket challenge was making its rounds on the internet, our employees joined in the fun for a good cause.

A Strong Family
There is a lot more to Kristian Electric than the parts & services we provide.

Cable Crawler/Carrier

A look at a cable crawler/carrier from KabelSchlepp used for an overhead bridge crane festooning system.

Miller Welding Helmets

Miller offers the ultimate in style and selection when it comes to welding helmets.

CM Hurricane 360
With capacities from 1/2 to 10 tons and ultimate flexibility, the Hurricane 360 from Columbus McKinnon is the choice for a wide range of applications.

Authorized Miller Distributor
Kristian Electric is the only company to offer Miller Electric welder parts, warranty, service and new equipment in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.

KEL Promo

One of Kristian Electric's earliest video promo ads.