• The ProHeat 35 Induction Heating System with the Rolling Inductor

  • A simple and cost-effective heating solution which delivers fast and consistent heat for pipe, plate, and pressure vessel fabricators.

  • Optimal consistency and quality

  • The Rolling Induction System eliminates the inconsistencies and quality issues associated with open flame torch heating methods. 

  • Temperature feedback (optional) allows operators to set and achieve targeted preheat temperatures easily.

  • The Travel Detection System (optional) prevents hot spots by controlling heating output based on travel speeds and turning off completely if the part is not moving.

  • Improved safety 

  • Eliminates open flames reducing burn, fume, and explosive gas hazards.  

  • Direct heat transfer results in cooler shop environment that reduces operator fatigue and improves work conditions.

Proheat 35 Power Source
The ProHeat 35 induction power source is equipped with a built-in temperature controller allowing for manual or temperature-based programming with an easy-to-learn operator interface.
ProHeat Rolling Inductor
(shown with mounting arm)

Liquid-cooled induction head for use with ProHeat 35, includes thermocouple extension cable and cable cover. The optional mounting arm allows the
rolling inductor to ride on the top or side of the pipe.

Available Sizes
30-foot power cable
60-foot power cable
Infrared Temperature Sensor
Eliminate the need for constant manual monitoring. The infrared temperature sensor can read the temperature of a moving part. Set the desired preheat temperature and the system will quickly heat to that temperature and hold it. The sensor can read from 212 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit (100–400°C).

Requires infrared sensor connection box
Travel Detection System
Avoid overheating—heating rates automatically adjust to varying travel speeds, and when no movement is detected the travel detect system
turns off the output preventing damage to the workpiece and rolling inductor. The travel detect system can also be used for setting different heating rates based on workpiece speed of travel. Includes all cabling and mounting hardware.
External Cooler Heat Exchanger
Increases the cooling capacity of the heavy-duty induction cooler. It is recommended when powering two rolling inductors on one ProHeat 35 power source.
Under Pipe Stand
Small lightweight adjustable stand for operating the rolling inductor on the bottom side of the pipe, allowing for greater access to the weld joint. The stand holds the rolling inductor in contact with the pipe regardless of direction of travel.
RMS-14 Momentary Switch
Momentary-contact switch for contactor control. Rubber-covered dome switch ideal for repetitive on-off applications. Includes a 26.5-foot (8 m) cable.
RHC-14 Remote Hand Control
Remotely adjust the heat output of the system in manual mode as well as start and stop the heating process.

Available Sizes:
20 ft. (6 m)
100 ft. (30.5 m)
Infrared Connector Box
Required for connecting the infrared temperature sensor to the ProHeat 35. The connection box allows for two infrared sensors to be connected
to one ProHeat. Includes air regulator and filters.
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