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Miller Welders 2024 Build with Blue Summer Savings Rebate

Miller Welders 2024 Build with Blue Summer Savings Rebate Promotion - Canada | Kristian Electric | Calgary Edmonton Saskatoon

New Canada-specific Miller welders savings available through the Build with Blue rebate program!

Miller's third Build with Blue rebate promotion for 2024 is now live, running from July 1st through September 30th, 2024. If you're in the market for a new Miller welding machine, engine-driven welder or helmet this quarter, don't miss out on reading about the latest deals! The Miller Build with Blue rebate program offers a simple and effective way to specific pieces of Miller welding equipment.

Through the Spring Savings rebate, you could save over $1200 on select purchases of Miller welding equipment and accessories!


What is the Miller Build with Blue rebate promotion?

If you are new to welding, Miller provides a quarterly rebate program where customers can get cash back for purchasing eligible items during the promotion. The Summer Savings rebate for the third quarter of 2024 includes two rebate options:

  1. Purchase an eligible Miller welder, Weld-Mask or welding helmet during the rebate offer period.

  2. Add Miller accessories or Hobart Filler Metals to your purchase to receive another rebate!

    1. Buy an additional $150 in Miller/Hobart products – get another $50 rebate

    2. Buy an additional $300 in Miller/Hobart products – get another $100 rebate

    3. Buy an additional $500 in Miller/Hobart products – get another $200 rebate

  • Keep in mind that buying more Miller welders and plasma cutters (while we support it!) do not count as accessories and cannot be used to claim the additional purchase rebate.

  • Otherwise, you can purchase any Miller products or Hobart consumables to reach the rebate threshold… as long as it is on the same invoice as your machine or helmet.

To claim your rebates, submit your rebate request (with required documentation) online at the Miller Rebate Center within 30 days of your purchase date.

  • You will need to provide a copy of your receipt or invoice (uploaded as an picture) and provide the serial number of your purchased machine. Helmets do not require a serial number.

  • It will take around 6-8 weeks for Miller to process your claim and mail out your cheque.


What's new in the Spring Savings rebate compared to previous promotions?

For the first time... there are different offers from Miller in Canada vs. Miller in the USA!

This blog post covers the Miller Canadian Rebate Offer.

MIG welders are back this round. Get a rebate on a Millermatic 211 or Millermatic 255!

Last quarter's Build with Blue promotion didn't include any MIG welders. If you are looking for a smaller MIG machine, now is your opportunity to save.

The June rebates on the new Trailblazer and Bobcats have been extended!

Previously exclusive for the month of June, Miller's special engine drive rebates have been extended for the entirety of Q3's Build with Blue promotion. If you're interested in the new Bobcat 230, Bobcat 265 or Trailblazer 330, you can get up to $1000 back.


What Miller machines and helmets are eligible for the Spring Savings rebate offer?

MIG Welders:

Multiprocess Welders:

TIG Welders:

Stick Welders:

Engine Drives:

Welding Helmets:


Got questions about this quarter's Build with Blue promotion? Give us a shout at Kristian Electric! We're more than just your go-to independent Miller Welders distributor – we're also your local welder service, repair and warranty  experts for Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Thinking about snagging a new Miller welding machine or gear during the 2024 Summer Build with Blue promotion? Our crew at Kristian Electric has got you covered!

With locations in CalgaryEdmonton, and Saskatoon, we've got the machines in stock and over 100 years of combined know-how to help you make your welding dreams come true.


What's the best part about buying your welder from Kristian Electric? Check it out:

🔹 We're your authorized Miller welders warranty depot! Got issues in the first year? No worries. Just bring your machine back to us, and we'll handle the warranty claim to get you back up and running.

🔹 We're your authorized Miller welders service & repair depot! Need to break in your engine-driven welder, install a positive air shutoff system, add a Webasto heater, winterize your rig, complete a tune-up, or replace a board? We’ve got you covered.

🔹 We offer welding supplies and parts! Looking for repair parts, consumables, or welding accessories? Our showrooms and warehouses are stocked to get you what you need, right when you need it.

🔹 We’re an independent, locally-owned business! Supporting local means reinvesting in our community. Local businesses like ours boost the local economy more than national and international chains.


Download the latest 2024 Miller Build with Blue flyer below:

2024 Q4 Miller Welders Build with Blue Summer Savings Canada Flyer - Kristian Electric - C
Download • 3.45MB

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