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Kristian Partners with Kito Canada

Kristian Electric Partners with Kito Canada - hoists overhead lifting material handling Calgary Edmonton Alberta

Since our beginnings in 1964, Kristian Electric has become known for our solid, no-nonsense approach to providing quality products and service in the welding and material handling industries.

Family-owned and steeped in experience, we’ve built our legacy on providing top-notch service, whether it's fixing welders, manufacturing custom overhead cranes, or recommending the best electric chain hoist for your newest crane system.

We are proud to represent leading brands in the welding and material handling industries for decades, and now, we're taking another step forward.


A New Chapter with KITO Canada

We are excited to announce that as of January 2024, Kristian Electric is now an authorized distributor for KITO Canada! This means you can now buy KITO chain hoists and products directly through us. Our new partnership with KITO marks a new era, allowing us to offer our customers competitive pricing on KITO electric hoists, air hoists, manual hoists, and lifting accessories. Going forward, our team is now fully equipped to offer the best in sales, parts, and service for KITO hoists and lifting equipment.

Why KITO? A Testament to Quality

After nearly 30 years working with KITO hoists in the shop and the field, our technicians can tell you – these hoists are tough. It’s well known that KITO hoists stand out in the material handling industry for their exceptional durability, safety, and performance. Our decades of experience servicing KITO hoists for our Canadian customers have shown us the resilience of KITO’s chain hoists, even in the most abrasive industrial environments. Our crane service team knows the ins and outs of KITO hoists, appreciating their durability and ease of maintenance, especially when it comes to spare parts. The quality of KITO products means less downtime and increased productivity for our customers. With KITO, you're choosing a name synonymous with safety and long-lasting performance.

Unique Offerings from KITO

KITO’s product line includes unique offerings that set them apart in the industry. Notably, their single-phase VFD electric chain hoists (KITO SEQ Series) are a testament to their innovative approach, a feature not commonly found with other manufacturers. A single-phase VFD hoist isn’t a product you see every day, and it shows how KITO thinks outside the box. This innovation complements our ability to supply high-quality, reliable equipment solutions tailored to meet our customers' diverse needs. Whether it's for a mine requiring a three-phase hoist or a simple 110 V single-phase electric chain hoist for a garage setup, KITO offers unparalleled options for your overhead lifting needs.

Enhancing Customer Experience with KITO

As an authorized KITO Canada distributor, Kristian Electric can now provide better prices and faster delivery on their entire product line of hoists, trolleys, spare parts, and lifting accessories. It's not just about expanding our product range; it’s about elevating the customer experience. Partnering with KITO helps our Kristian team make our customer’s procurement easier with better deals and quicker service. KITO's reputation for producing durable and reliable products aligns with our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The Future with Kristian and KITO

With KITO in our corner, we're excited to bring you even better solutions for all your lifting needs. By officially integrating KITO’s innovative technology and wide-ranging product line into our offerings, we strengthen our commitment to providing top-tier solutions to our customers. This partnership is all about stepping up our game to give you more options, all with the top-notch service you expect from Kristian Electric.

Adding KITO hoists and accessories to our product line is more than just a business expansion; it is a pledge to continue delivering the best to our customers, now with even more options and efficiency.


If you are interested in KITO hoists, products or lifting accessories, contact Kristian Electric today. Our crane team is ready to answer inquiries and provide product information for the entire KITO product line.

From all of us at Kristian, thank you to our customers for your continued trust and partnership. We're excited to help you lift your projects to new heights, with a little help from our friends at KITO.

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