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Let's Get Digital

Say goodbye to the old, handwritten, hard-to-read, carbon copy inspection report and welcome a NEW digital inspection app-based platform, for faster, cleaner and more detailed crane inspections for you and your material handling equipment.

In 2018, Kristian moved their overhead crane inspections into the digital age by introducing their new inspection application. Each one of Kristian's highly trained crane technicians now incorporate an iPad in their tool kit essentials.

While inspecting a piece of lifting equipment, the technician now moves through a series of tasks and screens within the app, step by step, allowing them to record their findings in real time. This information is then instantly transferred to their head office, where staff can see any issues identified in the field.


Customers will receive detailed inspection checklists tailored to their specific tools and equipment. Kristian's focus on each material handling system guarantees precise analysis.


Customers can see what our technicians are seeing, with the inclusion of inspection photos of their exact equipment as well as any system issues or concerns.


A cleaner, more professional layout and design that remains up-to-date with current regulations and requirements for overhead crane inspections in both Alberta and Saskatchewan.


This new application has to ability to record and retain all of a customer's crane data and inspection information all in one place. Digital inspections can provide the customer with peace of mind, that their information is safe and secure.

To learn more about Kristian's preventative maintenance programs click here.

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