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Tornado 360 Takes Industry By Storm

The newest innovation in ratchet hoists comes from the cutting-edge designers at Columbus McKinnon. Their new Tornado ratchet lever hoist not only allows the user to rotate the lever in a 360 degree motion, but is also one of the safest hoists of its kind in the world.

The genius of this design is centered on the introduction of the Sidewinder Lever Handle. A grooved ratchet lever that offers a gripping handle that can be clicked into position in either direction, dependent on the users needs, as well as fold completely into the handle when unneeded or when operated like a traditional lever hoist. The slight curve in the levers shape keeps the user’s body and hand aligned with the load chain, reducing the need to stabilize the hoist itself, to prevent twisting on the chain.

The handle also comes equipped with a select-a-lever, to easily change the directional force of the hoist itself. A highly visible directional window identifies which gear is engaged. An up arrow indicates the hoist is in a lifting, tensioning mode, while a down arrow denotes a lowering state of tension removal. The N setting indicates the hoist is in neutral. In this position the load chain will slacken, allowing the user to easily free-chain the hoist to connect or disconnect the load.

The 360 degree motion increases operator efficiency up to 12X, and reduces the repetitive stress motion created from the poor ergonomics associated with average lever hoists.

The handle-like end stop is designed to be unable to enter the lift wheel, preventing any jamming of the hoist.

This hoist is equipped with high-quality bearings and double reduction gears, which can reduce pull force up to 30%, decreasing user fatigue. Complete with a lightweight aluminum housing, zinc plated chain and powder coated finish, this ratchet lever hoist is ready for the harshest of environments.

Columbus McKinnon offers this powerfully efficient ratchet lever hoist in ¾ to 6 ton capacities and standard lifts up to 20 feet.

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