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Gas Up

Take the hassle and fees out of cylinder rental, and just exchange for a brand new cylinder every time!

What is ALbee?

ALbee is Air Liquide’s line of portable, lightweight, rent-free gas cylinders designed for light industrial professionals.

Why is ALbee Better?

By taking part in the ALbee cylinder exchange program, you will no longer have to worry about rental fees. Also, since each cylinder comes complete with it's own regulator, it eliminates the need to purchase or maintain your own regulator.

Each cylinder design will not only save you time but it is much safer as well. With shock absorbing guards to protect the regulator as well as an on/off lever to allow for faster cut off, which reduces wastage.

The ergonomic handle creates and easy-to-carry comfort and since ALbee cylinders are compact, they are not only lighter but can be carried anywhere and secured on-site. However, don't let it's size confuse you, though it is small, it be mighty, with 60% more gas than a standard size 9 cylinder, and 3000 psig (20,000 kPa) as compared to a conventional cylinder at 2250 psig (15,000 kPa).

How Does it Work?

1. Simply purchase an ALbee cylinder from the Kristian Electric Edmonton location.

2. When it needs replacing just return your empty cylinder to us and exchange it by purchasing a refill cylinder.

It’s that easy!

  • No more rental and no more transaction charges.

  • Each bottle is re-certified every time!

  • Comes complete with regulator and flowmeter.

Contact us today for more information.

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