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Go BIG or Go Home



Deca Industries is no stranger to going big. In their new 100,000 square foot facility in Saskatoon, they take on the biggest and heaviest jobs around, machining products for the mining industry, which is no small task. With over 30 machinists utilizing huge equipment, such as a forklift capable of lifting 60 tons, these guys don’t mess around!

In fact continuing to invest in the latest technology is something Deca as a company strives for, to continue to create the best products in their industry. So when their new facility was constructed, they knew they needed to go big. Big building, big products and big cranes!

With Kristian Electric’s expansive experience and a reputation as a heavyweight in the crane industry of Saskatoon, it was a perfect fit. In June of 2016, Kristian Electric began the construction and reconditioning or not one but 3 overhead bridge cranes to meet the needs of this big-time business.

A 15 ton used crane was sourced by Kristian Electric and reconditioned into its former glory. Also, 2 other top running, double girder bridge cranes were constructed at the Edmonton fabrication facility of Kristian Electric with capacities of 20 and 50 tons.

Big building, big products and big cranes!

Along with the bridge cranes themselves, Kristian Electric was commissioned to construct and install a 230’ runway system in the facility. These runways included twenty support columns around 20’ in height each.

A close up of a machine fitted runway column in comparison to the regular building column base behind.

Usually, with the construction and installation of runway columns, the column base is bolted and cemented to the floor. But like we said earlier, the folks at Deca don’t mess around! Each column base was constructed with extra wide plate, then was machine fit to another steel plate, which the workers at Deca had bolted to a floor plate. That’s a lot of steel!

In addition to the extra steel plating, all the tie backs for the crane were bolted, rather than welded, to the buildings frame. With over 640 mag-drilled holes, the cranes were fixed firmly into position.

By early 2017, Deca was bigger and better than ever with the addition of their new overhead cranes. Demag DH 1000 wire rope hoists completed the package and by February the job was complete.

If there is one thing Kristian Electric learned from our fantastic experience with Deca industries, it’s that bigger is usually better, at least in the mining and material handling industries.

Go big or go home, right?

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