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A Decade of Cranes

Kristian Electric has many valued customers, some of which we have worked with many times over the past 50 years of our company’s history, and long standing business relationships were born. One such company is a pipe bending specialist based in the southeast of Calgary.

In 2005, this valued customer expanded their business with a new building to the west of their pre-existing facility. KEL was commissioned to manufacture and install two new 5 ton top-running, single-girder Demag cranes as well as install a pre-built Demag 15 ton top-running, double-girder crane, in their new building during the summer of that year. Though this wasn’t the first time we had the pleasure of working with this customer, it definitely wasn’t the last, in-fact over the next 10 years we would play a prominent role in their material handling needs.

2- 5 ton TRSG Demag cranes and a pre-built 15 top TRDG crane installed in 2005.

Two years after the installation of the 3 cranes listed above, our customer ramped up their production and decided on another 5 ton top-running, single-girder crane to be installed on the north end of their west building. This crane was needed to handle the smaller day–to-day items in their facility. KEL manufactured and installed the 5 ton Demag crane in the spring of 2007.

A 5 ton TRSG crane, manufactured and installed in 2007 at a pipe bending facility in Calgary.

In the early months of 2013, our pipe bending friends called upon Kristian Electric once again! With the introduction of a new bending machine in their facilities south building, it was decided that a new 10 ton crane was necessary. The existing cranes in this particular building had lower capacities and were not up for the workload necessary. KEL manufactured a 10 ton under-running, double-girder R&M crane, and installed it on site.

Moving a new 10 ton URDG into the building for installation in 2013.

If it isn’t obvious by now, this particular customer is not lacking when it comes to the ownership of overhead cranes. So when they needed another 5 ton top-running, single-girder crane installed in their east building in the winter of 2015, they decided it best to recycle one of their existing cranes. Kristian Electric de-commissioned and removed the newest 5 ton Demag from their west building (as seen in the title image). The same crane we installed back in 2007. It was then sent to our fabrication facility in Edmonton where its span was decreased from its original length of 73’ 6” down to 61’. After shortening the beam and doing a general cleanup of the crane itself, it was then shipped back to Calgary and re-installed, this time in the customers East building.

Removal of a 5 ton TRSG crane, originally installed in 2007, to be shortened and re-installed in a new area of the customers building.

With over a decade worth of crane manufacturing and installs with just one of our many valued customers, we say “here’s to another 10 years”.

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