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To Infinity and Beyond

The new Miller Infinity welding helmets, introduced in the summer of 2015 are upping the ante of auto darkening helmet technology.

The Digital Infinity welding helmet is outfitted with the largest viewing area of any welding helmet on the market today. A whopping 13.4 square inch viewing area with wide screen format provides an unmatched view that increases peripheral perception thus eliminating tunnel vision.

The lens is outfitted with 4 independent arc sensors, which make for a quicker response time in obstructed or low amp welding situations, as well as auto on/off at the strike of your arc.

The helmets come complete with 4 modes; Weld, Cut, Grind and X-Mode. Grind mode is set to Shade 3, which eliminates the need to switch from your helmet to a face shield when grinding. Cut Mode allows the operator to shift between shades 5, 6, 7 and 8, while Weld Mode is set from shades 9 through 13.

Though the first three modes are fairly self-explanatory, the introduction of X-Mode needs a short explanation. First introduced with the digital infinity welding helmet series, X-Mode electromagnetically senses you arc and only the arc, by picking up its magnetic frequency. Eliminating the interference from any lights in your work area and if you are working outside, sunlight. This will also assist when welding situations where the operators view is obstructed. Since the lens senses the magnetic frequency of the arc, the obstruction will no longer interfere with the helmets ability to stay in mode.

One of Miller’s newest advancements in helmet design is their InfoTrack technology. This allows the helmet lens to track arc-on time while the operator is welding. This can provide valuable information to the operator and/or their company as to how much time is spent welding over a given period of time. Using this information can assist in calculating productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Bonus features to the InfoTrack system are the digital clock display, and a timer/alarm setting. This can assist the user in staying on track and setting intervals of work or alerts for shift end times.

Miller Welding Helmet Headgear

Miller’s pivoting headgear comes complete with dual top straps to evenly distribute the helmet weight across the operators head to alleviate strain and discomfort. As well as the newly added oversized back pad, for optimum comfort and fit and can be replaced as needed.

Currently available in 5 different styles, the digital infinity helmet will fit into any welders work wardrobe. Comes complete with 5 outside and 2 inside cover lenses as well as a helmet bag, to keep it safe from wear and tear while not in use.

With all these features and benefits, the possibilities for this helmet go beyond the everyday, you could even say they are infinite!

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