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Gorbel Gantry Cranes


​Taisun, located at Yantai Raffles Shipyard in Yantai , Shandong Province, China, is the world's strongest gantry crane and has a safe working load of 20,000 metric tons.

Gantry cranes usually bring to mind the monstrous structures found in seaports and ship yards, used to move, load and/or construct massive items and equipment. With the ability to lift over 20,000 tons, some of these colossal cranes are extremely impressive, however, it’s not often enough we hear about the small, portable and easily assembled gantry cranes for the home or shop.

That’s right! You can have your very own seaport in your workshop. No, you won’t be able to move shipping containers, but the day to day handling of anything will become a breeze. Also, gantry cranes are excellent options to go places that forklifts often can’t or don’t go.

Many small, portable and lightweight gantry systems are available.

Gorbel offers both fixed and adjustable height gantry's, along with an aluminum version for much easier assembly. Each type comes equipped with phenolic casters for ease of movement, even over oil and most other chemicals.

Gorbel Fixed & Adjustable Height Gantry’s

Both the fixed and adjustable series come with heavy duty end frame designs with square tubing uprights, knee braces and channel base to provide stable lifting and movement.

Gorbel's Fized and Adjustable Gantry crane capacities, spans and heights.

Gorbel's Aluminum Adjustable Gantry Cranes

Made from lightweight extruded aluminum, Gorbel’s aluminum gantry is lightweight and can easily be lifted by one person. Which allows for easy shipment, storage and transportation – such as carrying up a ladder. The top beam is secured by easily adjusted beam clamps for just about any span, while the ratcheting height adjustment option allows for maximum lift in many applications.


Gorbel fixed height gantry crane helping load a pickup

While the hoist and trolley weight can factor into the allotted capacity of most cranes, each of Gorbel’s gantries have been pre-engineered for the use of powered hoists and trolleys, so if your crane is rated at 1000lbs, it will can safely lift 1000lbs.

Whether you need to pull an engine or load a truck, a gantry may be just what you need.

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