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A New Spin on Hand Chain Hoists

Traditional hand chain hoists only allow the user to pull the chain in a single vertical direction. This can cause a few different problems. First off, it requires the user to be directly under or in very close proximity to the load itself, which can cause a myriad of safety issues and concerns. Also, with the limited ability of the chains movement, the user cannot access tight areas if a vertical vantage point is unavailable, as traditional hand chain hoists will lock if the chain is pulled at an angle that is not directly vertical to the hoist.

Columbus McKinnon has designed a hand chain hoist that eliminates all of the above problems. The CM Hurricane 360 hand chain hoist is unlike anything available on the market today. It’s one of a kind hand chain guide has been specially designed to allow the chain to rotate a full 360 degrees. This allows the user to access the tightest of spaces and work from multiple angles. It also allows the user to be at a distance of the load while lifting, as the hoist allows the chain to be pulled from any angle.

A bonus feature of this ingenious design is the opportunity for drifting applications. When two CM Hurricane 360 hand chain hoists are used in tandem, a heavy load can easily be moved from one area to another, over obstructions and even through tight spaces.

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