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Auto-Set Takes the Guess Work Out of MIG Welding

After extensive customer research, Miller Electric Mfg. realized that many of their home hobbyist welders struggle with setting up the parameters on their MIG welding machines.

Typically, a welder would set their voltage and wire feed speed, get a test piece of material, test out the machine and fine tune it until it welded just right. However, for the beginner and/or home hobbyist welder, this type of know-how may be out of their realm of expertise. Also, for those welders who are knowledgeable and adept at changing their own parameters, the auto set feature can provide some freedom. For example, if you are welding in a tight spot, like under a vehicle, it is a nuisance to have to climb in and out every time to tweak your settings.

Available on the Millermatic 125 Hobby, 141, 190, 211 & 212, the Auto-Set feature from Miller Electric takes the guess work and inconvenience out of MIG welding parameters.

  1. Simply select the wire diameter in the machine. The blue light will indicate that the machine is now in Auto-Set mode.

  2. With the provided gauge, measure your material thickness and set the dial accordingly.

Your done!

Your machine has automatically selected the best voltage and wire speed for you. No adjustments necessary.

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