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BOP Handling Systems

In the dangerous environment of an oil rig, the manipulation and positioning of a BOP (Blow Out Preventer) requires reliable, robust and efficient equipment suited to the humidity, dust or hazardous conditions with a high risk of explosion.

JD Neuhaus monorail hoists are specifically designed for BOP handling systems on land and on jack-up and semi-submersible drilling platforms. Their compact design is optimal for confined spaces and come in both double trolley as well as 4 trolley traverse drive versions. Available with pneumatic or hydraulic drives, to eliminate risk of explosion, and able to lift up to 200 metric tons, the JD Neuhaus line of monorail hoists fulfill all requirements for this special application.

Standard Features

  • Explosion-proof

  • Low headroom

  • Little air consumption

  • High performance multi-vane motor with self-lubricating features and positive start-up system for a smooth start and consistent operation

  • Trolleys with anti-drop and anti-climb devices

  • All-steel cast iron construction

  • Silencer for low noise operation

BOP - Blow Out Preventer

A large heavy valve or assembly of valves

fitted at the top of an oil well during drilling

used to control, monitor and seal in the

event of a blowout. Some BOP’s can

weigh hundreds of tons.

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