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6 Eco-Friendly Products & Services

In honor of Earth Day 2015, we present 6 eco-friendly products and services from across our industry!

1. ESAB Environmentally-Friendly Copper Finish For OXWELD® Series Cutting Tips

ESAB’ s Global Center of Excellence for Gas Apparatus in Florence, South Carolina announced a new copper finish for its OXWELD® Series of high-performance acetylene, alternate fuel, specialty cutting and Steel Industry Products tips included in its gas apparatus product line. In support of its commitment to environmental responsibility, ESAB will no longer chrome plate OXWELD cutting tips as of October 1, 2014.

2. CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoists

Lifetime grease-lubricated Gear Box means no changing and disposing of hazardous oil. The Lodestar is documented RoHS compliant (Restriction of Hazardous Substance) and shipped in boxes made of recycled material.

3. Big Blue® 500X Eco Pro Diesel Engine-Driven Welder/AC Generator

Designed to be up to 25 percent more fuel-efficient during typical welding operations than other models. Output of the engine matches the power required, saving operating cost and the environment. The fuel savings really add up when running day-after-day, while producing fewer carbon emissions. Meets tough EPA Tier 4i compliance standards.

4. DEMAG DC-Wind Chain Hoist

Designed specifically for the maintenance and service of wind turbines. Its high lifting speeds enable it to cut maintenance and downtimes to a minimum – making a valuable contribution towards high availability and efficient operation.

5. The Element™ family of low manganese flux-cored wire from Hobart

The new Hobart Element™ wires produce manganese emissions well below the levels of other gas-shielded flux-cored wires on the market. Because of the innovative formulation of the flux fill, the wires achieve these low manganese levels without sacrificing mechanical properties or weldability.

6. Weld Green with VRTEX® from Lincoln Electric

The new VRTEX® virtual reality arc welding training system makes it possible to learn how to weld in an eco-friendly manner. Instructors who use virtual reality training will minimize their material waste and environmental footprint.

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