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What is Intelligent Lifting?

Based on servo mechanics, intelligent lifting devices use a powered mechanism that produces motion or forces at higher levels of energy than the input level. Basically, these ergonomic lifting devices are extensions of your arm.

The G-Force and Easy Arm applications from Gorbel allow you to easily lift up to 1320lbs by yielding very little force.

A synthesis of advanced technology and basic human guidance.

Benefits to the Worker

Since the device is controlled by the operator’s natural movement, the pace is as slow or as fast as the job requires. By not adding muscle fatigue by directing heavy, cumbersome loads and reducing the stress on the body by being able to work at ones own personal level and speed, the possibility of injury is substantially reduced. The Gorbel G-Force requires the user to use 78% less energy than those who would lift manually.

Benefits to Business

The Gorbel G-Force can run at a speed up to 200’ per minute. This is 10 times faster than other traditional lifting devices on the market today, which can increase productivity as much as 68%. Also, with the devices controlled fluidity and precision of movement, the opportunity for product damage is decreased by 2.5 times that of conventional hoisting equipment.

Safety Features

Capacity Overload Protection

The device will sense if it has been loaded over its rated capacity and will only allow for the load to be lowered and removed.

Operator Present (Handle)

Will only allow the device to function while the operators hand is grasping the handle. If no movement is detected within one minute, the unit will shut down until the handle in re-engaged.

Fail Safe Electro-Mechanical Load Brake

The unit will lock in place in the event of power loss until restored. Preventing sudden dropping of the load.


Located directly on the handle, allowing the operator to quickly shutdown the device in case of emergency.

  • The above features are included on all G-Force models, however higher end models incorporate even more features and functions.For more information visit

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