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Miller Millermatic 142

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Miller Build with Blue Rebate Program

Miller Millermatic 142


30–140 A

Weldable Metals:

Stainless Steel


Flux-cored (FCAW)


EZ-LATCH Running Gear/Cart (Optional)

Special Features:

Auto-Set: Automatically adjusts settings for welding mild steel; blue light indicates activation.
Infinite Voltage Control: Manually customize welding parameters.
Wire Diameter Setting: Adjust based on the wire diameter used.
Thickness Dial: Set the thickness of the material being welded.
Quick Select™ Drive Roll: Features three grooves for different wire sizes, facilitating quicker setup.
Auto Spoolgun Detect: Identifies MIG gun or spool gun connection, removing the need for a manual switch.
Smooth-Start: Ensures a smooth, spatter-free start, leading in its category.
Thermal Overload Protection: Shuts down and signals over-temperature if airflow is blocked or duty cycle exceeded; resets upon cooling.
Fan-On-Demand: Cooling system operates only when necessary, reducing noise, energy use, and contamination.
Versatile Spool and Wire Sizes: Accommodates 4 inch or 8 inch spools; compatible with .024 to .030 inch solid wire and .030 to .035 inch flux-cored wire.

Light Industrial


Light Industrial Applications
Light Fabrication
Maintenance and Repair
Auto Body

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Comes With:

  • Millermatic 142

  • 10-ft. (3 m) MDX™-100 MIG Welding Gun

  • 10-ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp

  • 6.5-ft. (2 m) power cord with plug

  • Argon and AR/CO2 mix flow gauge regulator with gas hose

  • Hobart® spool of .030-in. (0.8 mm) solid wire

  • Two contact tips for .030-in. (0.8 mm) wire

  • Quick Select drive rolls for .024-in (0.6 mm) or .030/.035-in. (0.8/0.9 mm) solid wire, and .030/.035-in. (0.8/0.9 mm) flux-cored wire

  • Material thickness gauge (#229 895)

  • Hook-and-loop cord wraps

Stock Numbers:

907838 - Miller Millermatic 142 MIG Welder, 120 V, 50/60 Hz, Machine Only 

951000072 - Miller Millermatic 142 MIG Welder, 120 V, 50/60 Hz, Machine with Running Gear/Cyl Rack Package

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