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Fronius TransSteel 5000c Water Cooled

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Miller Build with Blue Rebate Program

Fronius TransSteel 5000c Water Cooled


10-500 A @ 460V & 575-600V 3-Phase

Weldable Metals:

Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum


MIG, Pulsed MIG


TU Car 4 Pro
Optional Tool Box

Special Features:

Syncropulse creates a TIG "stacked dime" appearance
Synergic Welding - Single Parameter Operation
Designed for ease of use
Four roll drive motor eliminates nesting
Great aluminum MIG results without spool gun
Water-cooling increases the lifespan of consumables and torch



Construction sites

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Comes With:

  • 1x Fronius TransSteel 5000 Split Pulse Water-Cooled MIG Welding Power Source

  • 1x Wire Feeder VR 5000 Remote 4R/G/FSC

  • 1x Cooling Unit FK 5000

  • 1x C-kit water cooling

  • 4x Feeder roll FSR U 1.2 mm

  • 1x Basic Kit Universal Ø1.2/G/W/5m

  • 10x Contact tip 1.2/M8x1.5/ø10x32

  • 1x Water Cooled MIG Torch MTW 400i /FSC/UD/14.76ft/4.5m/45°/LED

  • 1x 13-foot Ground Cable

  • 1x TU Car4 Pro Single Cylinder Welding Cart

  • 1x OPT/TU turning pintle mounting

  • 1x Connection hose pack W, 1.2m/3.94ft/70mm2

  • 1x Gas Adapter

  • 1x Gas Regulator

  • 1x Transformer, 3x600V/500V-460V

Stock Numbers:

49,0410,0073 -  Fronius TransSteel 5000c Split Pulse MIG Water-Cooled Ready2Weld Package

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