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AlumaFeed 350 MPa Aluminum

Auto-Continuum 350.jpg
Miller Build with Blue Rebate Program

AlumaFeed 350 MPa Aluminum

1- and 3-Phase

5-425 A, 10-38 V

Weldable Metals:



MIG, Pulsed MIG, Synergic Pulsed MIG


Handles, optional Running Gear/Cart

Special Features

Balanced Gun Design, Industrial-quality gun cable, Rugged and Portable Case, Profile Pulse, Wind Tunnel Technology, Fan-On-Demand, Synergic Pulsed MIG, trigger schedule select, Insight, lightweight feeder can be up to 100' from power source

Heavy Industrial


Boat / Yacht
Commercial Truck and Trailer
Education / Training

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Comes With:

  • Gun drive rolls

  • Feeder drive rolls

  • Consumables for .035 and 3/64" (0.9 and 1.2mm) wire

Stock Numbers

907420 - AlumaPower 350 MPa 208-575 V, Machine Only

907420001 - AlumaPower 350 MPa 208-575 V, Machine Only with Auxilary Power

951833 - AlumaFeed 350 Mpa Migrunner with 25 ft. XR-Aluma Pro air-cooled

951834 - AlumaFeed 350 Mpa stationary pkg with 25ft. air-cooled XR-Alumapro

951835 - AlumaFeed 350 Migrunner with water-cooled XR-Pistol Pro 25ft.

951836 - Alumafeed 350 MPa Stationary package with 25ft. Pistol -Pro air-cooled

951837 - AlumaFeed 350 MPa Migrunner with 25ft. Water-cooled XR- AlumaPro

951841 - AlumaFeed 350 MPa Migrunner with 25ft. XR Pistol-Pro-Pro air-cooled

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