The new Bobcat 200 Air Pak from Miller delivers compressed air, generator power, battery charging/crank assist and stick welding capabilities - all in one payload-saving machine.
The industry-leading power solution for increasing your capabilities, reducing your expenses, and boosting profitability and efficiency.


Increased Payload

The all-in-one Bobcat 200 air Pack can replace a variety of other machines, reducing a work truck's weight and increasing it's available payload - so operators can bring everything they need to the jobsite.

  • Replacing a PTO-powered air compressor and an engine-driven welder/generator with a Bobcat 200 Air Pak can reduce a work truck's weight by up to 550 pounds.

  • Replacing an engine-driven air compressor and engine-driven welder/generator with a Bobcat 200 Air Pak can reduce a work truck's weight by up to 400 pounds and increase it's available payload by up to 24 cubic feet.

28 cfm compressed air

With its rotary screw compressor, the Bobcat 200 Air Pak can power virtually any air tool.

Batter charge/crank assist

The Bobcat 200 Air Pak provides up to 100 amps of DC power for 12/24V battery charging and up to 300 amps for crank assist.

Electric Power

With it's 5500 watt generator, the Bobcat 200 Air Pak powers jobsite tools and even operates truck-mounted electric/hydraulic cranes.

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The Bobcat 200 Air Pak can easily handle metal repairs with it's 210-amp stick welder.

Significant Fuel Savings

The Bobcat 200 Air Pak can meet operator needs for compressed air, electrical power and welding capabilities - all while the work truck's engine is turned off.  Highly efficient without sacrificing power, the engine in a Bobcat 200 Air Pak uses far less fuel than any work truck's engine, delivering savings on fuel costs that quickly add up.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Turning off a work truck and turning on the Bobcat 200 Air Pak can reduce the trucks engine's idle time by up to 75%.  Less engine idle time means maintenance is required less often - so overall maintenance costs are reduced.

Reliable Performance and Professional Appearance

Some all-in-one machines suffer from reliability issues and output limitations - or they simply don't have the professional appearance that customers expect.  The Bobcat 200 Air Pak delivers industry-leading reliability and performance - because its built and backed by Miller.

  • Ruggedly built and rigorously tested to ANSI and CSA standard, the Bobcat 200 Air Pak is proven to withstand high temperatures, rain, salt, dust, impact, vibration and more.  Its systems are tested to meet the highest-applicable industry safety standards.

  • With an industrial rotary screw design, the air compressor in a Bobcat 200 Air Pak is designed for a long life of performance that's superior to reciprocating designs.  It delivers an instant air output of 28 cfm and a 100 percent duty cycle.

  • Truck owners can present a professional appearance with the Bobcat 20 Air Pak because all its interior components are concealed within a durable, precision-engineered enclosure.

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