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JDN Mini
The new JDN Mini is the most compact hoist, with a carrying capacity of up to 980 kg and an integrated NFC sensor with service app that makes it truly unique in the industry.
JD Neuhaus PROFI
PROFI Air Hoist
The new generation of JDN PROFI 75 and 100 TI Air Hoists is here – lighter, faster and more energy-efficient than ever! The PROFI series for heavy-duty industrial use is now available with different controls according to requirements
JD Neuhaus Manipulator
Mini Manipulator Air Hoist
With the Mini Manipulator loads can be lifted, lowered, manually traversed and fed with only one hand. At the same time lifting and lowering speeds can be sensitively regulated by push button control. Due to light weight the Mini Manipulator is easy to handle.
JD Neuhaus M
M Series Air Hoist
JDN Air Chain Hoists of the M series were originally developed for underground mining operations.
JDN Monorail hoist
Carrying capacities: 10 t up to 115 t per unit
According to application JDN Monorail Hoists can be deployed as Double Lifting Gear: working in parallel as for example in BOP handling systems or working in tandem connected by a coupling rod as for example for handling grinding rollers in the cement industry. Two versions, for each of the 75 and 100 tonne lifting capacity products in the EH range are now available in both double trolley as well as the previously available 4 trolley traverse drive
JDN ultra low headroom hoist
Carrying capacities: 4 t up to 100 t
Air pressure: 6 bar

Standard Features
ideally suited for working in hazardous areas (explosion protection)
insensitive to humidity, dust and temperatures from -20°C up to +70°C
extremely low headroom
favourable air consumption available also with increased spark rotection
JD Neuhaus Big Bag
Big Bag Air Hoist
For big bag handling applications, J.D. Neuhaus offers innovative system solutions and thus meets the special requirements of this range of use
JD Neuhaus Air
Monorail Air Hoists
The new generation of JDN EH 75 and EH 100 Monorail Hoists is here – lighter, faster and more energy-efficient than ever! JDN Monorail Hoists for heavy loads and low headroom are available with compressed-air and hydraulic drives.
JDN Sub Sea Hoists
The ultimate tool for every professional diver

PROFI subsea hoists are a versatile and indispensable tool for professional divers and are suitable for horizontal work as well as for oblique pulling.

Air or hydraulic drive
Infinitely variable speeds can be regulated sensitively
With overload protection
Very versatile, also suitable for horizontal and oblique pulling thanks to hook suspension
JDN Cryogenic Hoists
The temperature range of JDN Monorail Hoists in standard version is -20°C to +70°C. For a special application at temperatures of minus 45°C, as e.g. the BOP Handling in arctic zones, JDN has developed Hydraulic Monorail Hoists, which meet this demands. To achieve smooth starting of the Hydraulic Monorail Hoists at these extreme temperatures, they are fitted with a preheating device which increases the temperature of the drives to -25°C before operation
Chester SLA
Pneumatic Geared Trolley Hoist
Capacity : 1.5 tons to 20 tons
Lift : 10'

The SLA Pneumatic Low Headroom Chain Hoist includes vane or piston motors and brakes with modulating valves for infinitely variable hoist motion. Design allows this hoist to operate in extreme low overhead locations where most other "low headroom" hoists can't.

•Integral hoist/trolley design provides compact overall envelope dimensions.
•Steel construction to withstand harsh environments.
Lodestar Air XL
Pneumatic Chain Hoist
Capacity : 2 tons to 7.5 tons
Lift : 10'

The CM Lodestar Air XL Pneumatic Chain Hoist are heavy-duty hoists featuring variable speeds and higher capacities than traditional air chain hoists. Workers in auto motive plants, heavy equipment manufacturing, chemical plants, refineries and related rugged work environments will experience the same dependability and versatility that they have relied on from CM products for many years.
•Variable lifting speeds
DCM-PRO Manulift
DCM-PRO Manulift
The DCM-Pro Manulift enables you to handle loads quickly and safely with only one hand. The DCM-Pro is based on the lifting unit of the DC-Pro chain hoist and the DSM-C control unit. Thanks to the control unit which is rigidly connected to the load handling attachment, the operator only needs one hand to operate the hoist and guide the load.
DCMS-PRO Manulift
Our DCMS-Pro Manulift combines fast and reliable load handling with variable speed control and one-handed operation. The DCMS-Pro Manulift is based on the lifting unit of our DCS-Pro chain hoist and DSM-CS control unit
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