Millermatic 350P Aluminum

Miller Build with Blue Rebate Program

Millermatic 350P Aluminum

1- and 3-Phase

25-400 A

Weldable Metals:



MIG, Pulsed MIG


Installed Running gear

Special Features

All-in-one, connects to standard MIG gun, push-pull gun or spool gun - auto body aluminum repair system available

Heavy Industrial


Up to 1/2" industrial aluminum production/fab, pulsed MIG ideal for thin gauge aluminum

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Comes With:

10' (3m) work cable with clamp

10' (3m) industrial power cord (without plug) for single- or three-phase

Factory installed gas solenoid

Flow gauge regulator and gas hose for argon

Factory-installed, low-mounted running gear/cylinder rack

.035/.047" (0.9 and 1.2mm) U-groove drive rolls for aluminum welding

Push-Pull Gun Systems also include:

XR Air-cooled push-pull gun

Stock Numbers

Millermatic 350P Aluminum Push-Pull Gun System

951451 w/ 15' XR-Aluma-Pro air-cooled gun

951452 w/ 25' XR-Aluma-Pro air-cooled gun

951453 w/ 25' XR-Pistol-Pro air-cooled gun

951454 w/ 25' XR-Aluma-Pro Lite air-cooled gun

Millermatic 350P Aluminum (gun NOT included)

907474 200/230/460V standard unit

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