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Miller Build with Blue Rebate Program

Deltaweld 452


10-38 V

Weldable Metals:

Most Metals


MIG, Flux-cored, 1/4" CAC-A


Lift eye, Optional running gear, MIGRunner

Special Features

Power efficient, material-specific output terminals

Heavy Industrial


Equip/auto mfg, metal fab, construction, agri equipment

Stock Numbers

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Comes With:

Stationary packages include:


22A (CP-302) OR with .035/.045" drive rolls

Bernard BTB Gun 300A (CP-302) 

Industrial MIG 4/0 kit consisting of flowmeter regulator with 10' (3m) gas hose, 10' (3m) 4/0 feeder weld cable with lugs and 15' (4.6m) work cable with 600-amp C-clamp

MIGRunner packages also include

Factory installed running gear and standard cylinder rack

903392 - 230/460/575 V

903377 - 200(208)/230/460 V

MIG Welders