Miller Build with Blue Rebate Program

Deltaweld 302


10-32 V

Weldable Metals:

Most Metals


MIG, Flux-cored


Lifteye, optional running gear, MIGRunner

Special Features

Power efficient, material-specific output terminals



Equip/auto mfg, metal fab, construction, agri equipment

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Comes With:

Stationary packages include:


S-74D feeder with .035/.045" drive rolls

Bernard BTB Gun 400A  

Industrial MIG 4/0 kit consisting of flowmeter regulator with 10' (3m) gas hose, 10' (3m) 4/0 feeder weld cable with lugs and 15' (4.6m) work cable with 600-amp C-clamp

MIGRunner packages also include

Factory installed running gear and standard cylinder rack

Stock Numbers

903376 - 200(208)/230/460 V

903392 - 230/460/575 V

MIG Welders

Millermatic 255
Millermatic 255 Auto
Millermatic 141
Millermatic 211
Millermatic 212 Auto-set
Millermatic 252
Millermatic 350P
Millermatic 350P Aluminum
AlumaFeed 350 Aluminum System
Invision 352 MPa Plus System
AlumaFeed 450 Aluminum System
Invision 450 MPa Plus System
Deltaweld 302
Deltaweld 452
Deltaweld 652
Continuum 350
Continuum 500
Auto-Continuum 350
Auto-Continuum 500
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